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Brigand King Blockades


While player Flags waged war on each other and struggle to dominate the Ocean, the Brigand Kings built up their fleets and prepared to seize control for themselves.

Each of the eight Brigand King maintains a Flotilla from which he can strike at an Island. The crews of the Brigand King armadas are loyal to their King, and will fight to the death to make him Governor!

How Brigand King Blockades Work

Brigand King blockades are similar to normal Island blockades with a few variations.

  • Blockades declared by a Brigand King are always sinking
  • No additional war chests may be dropped to become a contender if a Brigand King is attacking the island. If, however, a player-owned flag is attacking a Brigand King's island, additional war chests may be dropped.

Additionally, Brigand King blockades involve some additional opportunities to earn wealth. Brigand King vessels sunk, as well as other vessels with large amounts of booty aboard, will leave their treasure behind to be salvaged by other ships. Pirates aboard may use the Treasure Haul puzzle when their vessel is near one of these sunken ships to haul booty aboard.

Also, any time a brigand ship in a Brigand King blockade is sunk, a bounty is awarded to any surviving ships who helped to destroy that vessel. The bounty awarded after the Brigand King ship is sunk is distributed to the pirates on each ship that successfully struck the sinking ship.

Finally, a reward is also given for each buoy controlled by the ship during a blockade period.