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Gameplay on Doubloon Oceans differs slightly from Subscription Oceans as content is unlocked via Badges that can be purchased from the Palace Shoppe. Badges can only be purchased with Doubloons and are required to access all the features available in Puzzle Pirates. With the exception of the Pirate Badge, unwrapped Badges cannot be traded between pirates, nor removed from the inventory.

Rank Badges

Rank Badges allow the holder to access the capabilities of that rank. If a Badge expires you will lose any privilege of rank but will not be automatically demoted. Higher ranking Badges also cover the lower ranks (example: the Senior Officer Badge also confers Officer privileges.) All Rank Badges last for 30 login days.

The Rank Badges are as follows:

  • Pirate badge.png Pirate Badge - Unlike all other Badges the Pirate Badge may be traded.

  • Officer badge.png Officer Badge - The Officer Badge covers both Officers and Fleet Officers.

  • Senior officer badge.png Senior Officer Badge - The Senior Officer Badge can be used to upgrade to a Captain's Badge; the cost to upgrade increases as the badge ages.

  • Captain badge.png Captain Badge - Required to create a new crew. Note that a ship deed, a crew creation fee, and certain experience are also needed.

Parlor Badge

The Parlor Badge unlocks access to the Parlor Games and Tournaments on their non-free days. To play a parlor game or compete in a tournament on a non-free day a Parlor Badge is required. The Parlor Badge lasts for 30 login days.

Parlor badge.png

Labor Badge

The Labor Badge is required to take a job at a Shoppe, forage at an uncolonized island or to play a crafting puzzle on a non-free day. A pirate holding a Labor Badge can use up to 24 hours of labor each day. Unlike the other Badges, the Labor Badge lasts for 30 calendar days from purchase.

Labor badge.png

Deluxe Labor Badge

The Deluxe Labor Badge allows the holder to produce 72 hours of labor each day, and functions like a Labor Badge in every other respect. The Deluxe Labor Badge lasts for 30 calendar days.

Deluxe labor badge.png

Bravery Badge

The Bravery Badge grants access to the Sea Monster voyages. On doubloon oceans, everyone onboard a ship charted to a Sea Monster lair must have a Bravery Badge for the vessel to set sail. The Bravery Badge lasts for 30 login days and is untradeable.

Bravery badge.png

Please note! On subscription oceans, no badge is required but instead a subscription is required for all crew venturing into Sea Monster lairs.

Wrapped Badges

All of the above badges can be purchased "wrapped" from the Palace Shoppe. Wrapped badges will show up in the badge section of the inventory like normal badges, however, unlike their counterparts, wrapped badges can be traded until they are unwrapped. They also do not start aging until unwrapped.