Obsessive Illusion

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Obsessive Illusion at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Last Monarch Basickades of Simply Unstoppable
Member crew(s) Wonderman, New Age, Simply Unstoppable
Founded 24 January, 2011
Dormant as of 24 April, 2013
Favicon.png Flag Info

Obsessive Illusion was a flag on the Emerald Ocean.

Public Statement

Obsessive Illusion is officially retired. We had fun while it lasted, maybe we'll be back when Puzzle Pirate's decides to be a game where we have fun, and not get bored. Thank you Sage for the fun! -Basicx


Obsessive Illusion was founded by Basicx on the 24th Janurary, 2011. He had just rejoined the game after formerly playing Sage; his former pirate is unknown.

Soon after the crew New Age joined, Obsessive Illusion began recruiting new members and building up their reputation.

Public Statement

It's all about what you see.

Obsessive Illusion is a new, blockade loving flag. We love to pillage, SMH, flotilla and do pretty much anything here! We will soon be blockading, so don't hesitate to join up!

How to join?

If you are interested in joining Obsessive Illusion just speak to any royal. All royals reserve the right to decline a crew from joining the flag. These will be rare occasions and you will most likely be warmly welcomed and inserted into the way OI play Puzzle Pirates.


All Captain's of any crew that joins will be made Titled Member along with one Senior Officer of their choice. Royals will not be rewarded upon joining and there will few exeptions. You will become a Royal when all current royals feel you are ready to be. Loyalty, Friendship and Activity will all help you to become a royalty of OI. We would like to keep royalty to no more than 5 to speed up votes and decisions.

War's and Blockade's

Obsessive Illusion may decide to War Dec. other flags with a good reason, and we will not retract our war declarationg untill we get what we seeked for. A simple example would be an apology. We will not accept War Declarations on OI unless we have a reason, so crew's inside our flag will not be put at a high risk of being sinky PvP'd, if it was to come about, we will do out best to refund lost ships and reward sinks.

Obsessive Illusion is currently building up for a blockade, we are not planning to blockade a specific island so don't ask.

More will be added in due course...

Thank you; the Obsessive Illusion Royalty Team.

Blockade History

1: 02/20/11 - Obsessive Illusion took part in a sinking blockade at Kiwara against Magnata Established. After losing the first round by over 200 points, and being outshipped in R1, OI decided to field a War Frig with all of their 60 jobbers, they were beaten by a smaller margin, but a margin nonetheless of 100 points and pulled out at the end of Round 2. In Round 2 OI sunk 5 Magnata Established War Brigs and numerous sloops, losing only a junk and a War Brig of their own.

2: 02/26/11 - Obsessive Illusion dropped on Albatross, owned by Black Veil, Notorious also dropped as a third party. Black veil started at a power 3, by the start of R2, it was down to power 2 but had clearly won the first round. During R2 Obsessive Illusion took many points while Notorious went for BK sinks, which lead to the BK being destroyed, Obsessive Illusion won the round by just over 10 points. In R3 both Notorious and Obsessive Illusion took turns at being in the lead, but as the round ended, OI were just infront. Notorious then pulled out, pay went to 1.5k/seg, during R2/R3 jobbing was even, however in R1 Noto outjobbed by a frig.

3: 04/17/11 - Obsessive Illusion scuttled Jinx, which prompted a 3 power blockade to ensue on the weekend. Jinx won 3 - 0. OI started jobbing halfway through round 1 due to other blockades at the same time. It was 2 strength by Round 2. Round 2 knocked it down to a 1 strength, with a single brig surviving R2. Blades of Sage opened jobbing at 3k/seg during Round 3 to sink off OI ships at stop them from defending the island. OI entered no ships, however Mass Debators and Illium Eternae entered to try to kill the BK and win the round. OI used inflag navvers only, it was a training blockade.