Novus Lux

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Novus Lux at a Glance
Obsidian Ocean
Captain Vision
Senior Officer(s) Smughagen, Captainbones, Squishat, Paradox
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Sol Invictus
Faction Icon-faction-defiant armada.png Defiant Armada
Founded 30 June, 2017
Last updated on 4 July, 2017
Favicon.png Crew Info

Novus Lux is a crew on the Obsidian Ocean and is aligned with the Defiant Armada. It was initially organized before the the official founding of the crew and access to the Dark Seas.


In light of the discovery of the Obsidian Ocean, a post far inland was made on the popular notice board, Reddit, that called to rally a crew to face the onyx waters of the Dark Seas. Organization continued shortly after using the magical services of Discord where the direction of the to-be crew would be determined. The first important crew decisions of Novus Lux were then primarily decided through voting among all its members following officer discussion, which included its faction affiliation, its political structure, and its name. Similar practices would continue to be used by Novus Lux when making major crew decisions.

Upon release of the Obsidian Ocean, members of the Novus Lux rushed to the shores of the Dark Seas and founded the crew officially. The captain and salt responsible for organizing the crew, Vision, would create its own flag, Sol Invictus, shortly afterwards with himself crowned as its king.

Public statement

Novus Lux (a new light) is committed to not only help vanquish those rotten scoundrels in the Shadow Fleet, but to help each other and have fun!

Extended Public Statement

As of right now, to be promoted to Officer you just need a ship. Fleet Officer is reserved for those I and my fellow SO's trust, as well as stall owners (still must be trusted). Senior Officer requires an easily visible amount of effort put into the crew as well as my personal trust.


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