Notoriously Mindless

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Notoriously Mindless at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Captain Spongebobby
Senior Officer(s) Grumpysmurf, Lumppylump, Skatingmikey, Hyouten
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Notorious
Founded 25 September, 2010
Last updated on 10 January, 2013
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Notoriously Mindless is a crew that sails the Emerald Ocean under the flag Notorious. It was founded on the Sage Ocean on September 25, 2010.


On the fine day of 25 Sep 2010, Mindless setup the crew with his 1st mate Shiri, naming it Notoriously Mindless for the simple reason of his dedication to flag Notorious and his being of mindless.

Sometime in late 2010 captaincy was passed on to Lqwarspite.

Sometime in Early 2011 captaincy was passed on to Kattheblond.

Sometime in mid 2012 captaincy was passed on to Skatingmikey.

In December of 2012, captaincy was passed on to Spongebobby.

Public Statement

Simple equation, Notorious + Mindless = Notoriously Mindless

Promotion Requirements

  • Pirate: Just join the crew
  • Officer: 3 broads, with at least one proficient standing, with either sails or rigging counting, and will be required to go out with FOs or SOs on pillages before running their own.
  • Fleet officer: 5 solids with one being in navigation, with a standing of at least distinguished in 3 of them, and will be tested on pillage knowledge. Having your own ship is a recommendation, but not a requirement.
  • Senior officer: Captain's discretion, based on recommendations of the other Senior officers and will be tested on bnav ability. Owning your own ship is also a requirement.

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