Moonlit (crew)

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Moonlit at a Glance
Viridian Ocean
Last Captain None (formerly Sailingrosy)
Senior Officer(s) Haorymouths, Midnightmoon, Vasilli
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Sailor's Delight
Founded 3 August, 2006
Merged w/ Slackers as of 8 December, 2016
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Moonlit was a crew that sailed the former Viridian Ocean. The crew once flew the flag of Sailor's Delight.

Moonlit described themselves as a tight-knit group of pillagers ready for what the winds may blow their way. Promotion within the crew was tough in order to allow the crew to be small but ferocious. Whether that be Imperial brigands, barbarians, or other pirates, they would fight and not back down. They enjoyed holding regular crew events aimed at bringing all crew members together for the sake of good fun.


Moonlit was founded by Jonzo and Midnightmoon on 3 August, 2006 with the goal of bringing a small group of pirates who work well together.

On August 5th, 2006, a combination of insomnia and an ending summer led to Eggplant deciding to try to pull off a large-scale pillaging endeavor: visiting every single island in Viridian in one, theoretically continuous, pillage. After doing some basic math, it was realized that this wasn't feasible and the Viridian Tour became the Jade Tour, a pillage of a more or less circular route to all islands in Jade. What was intended to be a non-stop pillage was eventually broken up by crew members needing to rest, spreading it actually out over three days.

Moon Tunes for Porky Brady was an crew event that took place on August 20th, 2006. It featured two sloops manned by members of the crew racing from Dragon's Nest to Xian Rock to visit Porky Brady. The event featured cash prizes and a black bandanna for the crew and commanding officer of the winning ship.

On 3 November, 2006, Moonlit reached a rank as eminent sea lords with only thirty-seven pirates.

Public statement

Moonlit: It's not the size, tis how ye use it.

Crew articles

Ahoy Maties!

Moonlit is the crew for you if you want a small group of indomitable pirates who love to pillage or just hang at the docks! We regularly hold crew events to help out those who want to refine skills or just to have a laugh. We wish to keep our crew small, but don't turn away new members, although this results in us being slightly strict about promotions beyond Pirate as we wish to ensure that officers have a good knowledge of crew operations long before reaching this level.

We are an open and honest bunch who helps crewmates out in any way we are able and expect this to be reciprocated by all members. If you think this is the crew for you join in a pillage or send a tell to any of the Senior Officers.

Crew colors

The crew colors of Moonlit are intended to reflect the night sky: a primary color of navy or aqua with grey as the secondary color. While use of crew colors is encouraged, it is not mandatory; minor variations upon this color scheme such as blue and black are also considered acceptable.

General rules

Rules regarding general behavior are considered always active, regardless of whether one is on a crew pillage, at a dock, or elsewhere. One pirate's behavior always reflects back on the crew as a whole.

  1. Spamming will not be tolerated.
  2. One should always attempt their best at all puzzles, especially when on a ship. Purposefully booching is unacceptable.
  3. Remember that the main purpose of time spent on the Oceans is fun.
  4. Gunners will be assigned; these stations should not be taken without permission.
  5. It is expected that pirates will be at station at all times. In the case of a need to take a short break from being at station, this should be noted in vessel chat.

Officer rules

  1. Always restock vessels to at least the levels at which they were taken out.
  2. Never abandon a vessel at sea.
  3. Please keep vessels unlocked while at sea so that another officer may take over in an emergency.
  4. Strict rules exist for how and when to plank, however it is encouraged that a warning is given to any pirate that is at risk of being planked before doing so in order to give the pirate a chance to correct his or her actions.

Promotion requirements

  • Cabin person
    • Given at port when asked only after a pillage.
    • Will not be given out if asked for at sea.
  • Pirate
    • 2 Broads.
    • 1 Respected.
    • Proven dedication to the crew.
  • Officer
    • All Broads.
    • Better than Able in all Piracy Skills with the exclusion of Battle Navigation.
  • Fleet officer
    • All Solids.
    • Master or better in Gunnery and Battle Navigation.
    • Respected or better in all other Piracy Skills.
    • Must own a vessel.
    • Must pass a Battle Navigation test.
  • Senior officer
    • Proven to be highly trustworthy and loyal.
    • At least one Legendary in any Piracy Skill other than Swordfighting or Rumbling.
    • Renowned or better in Battle Navigation.
    • Promotion to Senior Officer is handed out at the discretion of the Captain and existing Senior Officers.

Note: Swordfighting and Rumbling do not count towards required Piracy Skills.

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