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Familiars Won

Mirunea, sometimes referred to as Miru, is a fleet officer in the crew The Mad Tea Party on the Sage Ocean.

Contributions and Awards

  • In October of 2007, Mirunea won 42 doubloons, a black scroll trinket, scrolls furniture, and chocolate chip cookies for first place in the Write Magi's Journal writing contest. [1]
  • In August of 2007, Mirunea won a red signet ring for honorable mention in the Write A Brigand King forum contest. [2]
  • In July of 2007, Mirunea won a bronze neckband for first place in the <Insert Name Here> writing contest, for her story "Emily Post in an Adventure with Pirates."[3]
  • In June of 2007, Mirunea won a red octopus familiar for first place in the Author's Author Deathmatch forum contest, for which she wrote a 19,000-word novella entitled "Captain Abaco's Treasure."[4] She also won a sleeping pig (for reasons obvious to readers of the novella), a cutter called the Startled Mako, and a purple/maroon fancy ribbon.
  • In April of 2007, she took third place in the Space Pirates forum writing contest for her story "Zed's Story". She won a sloop named Fiery Comet, and a lime/green ribbon trinket.
  • Won a gray nautilus shell for her entry in Oceanus's Shack of Zen.[5]


Mirunea navigated her way to Sage sometime near the end of 2006. She soon joined up with the crew Juxtaposition, where she was promoted to officer. In November, 2007, she transferred to the crew Pondera. In April, 2008, she became a fleet officer in The Mad Tea Party.

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