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Midnight familiars (OCL)

From YPPedia

This is a list of all white familiars won on the Midnight Ocean during Olympic Champions League.



Each member of a winning team receives a white familiar (parrots for the Team Brawl winners, monkeys for the Sea Battle winners, and octopodes for the Team Drinking winners). Note that Team Drinking was not an event until Season 2, and that before Season 6 the familiars were temporary (they were re-awarded retroactively with the coming of Season 6, however).[1]

Season 1 (December 2003)

Sea Battle Team Brawl
BleakDeath BitterDeath
Silverdawg, Eyes, Cayte, Kurosh, Jx, Sart, Complicated, Faramir Silverdawg, Eyes, Cayte, Kurosh, Jx, Sart, Complicated

Season 2 (January/February 2004)

Sea Battle Team Brawl Team Drinking
BitterDeath Black Doom Briterati
Silverdawg, Kurosh, Cayte, Eyes, Sart, Faramir, Kuibbles, Trickykid, Gigza Kuibbles, Chegg, Gigza, Jabez, Righty, Lilyara, Dipwood, Bootystealer, Khorne Oneiropoios, Crystalclaws, Solanna, Shuranthae

Season 3 (March-May 2004)

Sea Battle Team Brawl Team Drinking
Wet Socks Bitter Death OCTO
Shuranthae, Quixaroo, Rochelle, Faulkston, Durga, Enkidu, Erinys, Janthina, Lilymorgan, Greenwolf Trickykid, Kurosh, Cayte, Eyes, Sart, Bootystealer, Silverdawg, Khorne Casnorf, Arualga, Alesru, Adlensuht

Season 4 (August/September 2004)

Sea Battle Team Brawl Team Drinking
Wet Socks Meanie Greenies Jolly Groggers
Shuranthae, Arrvid, Rochelle, Cahrin, Erinys, Genocide, Increase, Janthina, Lovelytini, Skooshy Calais, Angell, Blackcobra, Cioj, Gigza, Jabez, Scott, Whitefire Rebert, Maxquest, Risen, Eomer

Season 5 (January-March 2005)

Sea Battle Team Brawl Team Drinking
Bleak Death Meanie Greenies Swillver Dawn
Hakim, Khorne, Demonyaj, Funkybeard, Trickykid, Kurosh, Eyes, Ketamine, Moonme, Haruko Calais, Cioj, Scott, Angel, Whitefire, Jabez, Spin, Minkus Scottish, Buckley, Crazyluigi, Vistr

Season 6 (June-December 2006)

Sea Battle Team Brawl Team Drinking
Ink Squad Only You Can Kill The Brain Drunk Chibis
Mordrid, Corzak, Lj, Ryanne, Sao, Springheel Eatpils, Kerrawyn, Eatplls, Monstaa, Skinnypuppy, Different Fannon, Millie, Parka, Shuranthae

Season 7 (January-* 2009)

Sea Battle Team Brawl (SF)
NCFRG Deadly Combination
Dchow, Abyzaran, Donsmythe, Perfectus, Sharuka, Tzz Sheridyn, Mrswordfight, Legalizeit, Outline, Novo, Eet
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