Midnight Olympiad/Sloop Race

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The Midnight Olympiad
Midnight Olympiad
Event Rules

The sloop race is an 8 to 10 league race for two pirates, who may be accompanied by two bots. It is a speed contest first and foremost, but other factors may come into play as brigands sail the lanes looking for prey from within the race contestants.


  • Competitors must register themselves and their ship's name.
  • Competitors registered for the race should have their ship in place at the starting line and ready to go fifteen minutes prior to the start of the race.
  • The CO of each ship must be jobbed into the crew of the head race official in order to listen for announcements and other news. The other teammate may also be jobbed into that crew, if they wish.
  • Ships do not deport before the race begins.
  • The starting line official of the race will announce the beinning of the race over the the jobbing crew channel.
  • Ships will pass by islands as checkpoints throughout the race. They do not need to port at the checkpoints, merely reach the leaguepoint and carry on from there.
  • Placing will be determined by the order in which competing ships reach the finish line.
  • At the end of the trip, an official should be jobbed onto each ship for the booty division in order to verify that no other pirates were jobbed to the ship during the race.
  • As a second precaution, officials may randomly carry out /vwho checks on competing ships in order to verify that no other pirates are on board.


  • Competitors are responsible for supplying their own ship, charts, shot, and rum. Routes will be chosen such that all necessary charts should be available for purchase. There is no limit on the amount of stock that may be put on board.
  • PvP combat between competitors or between non-participants and competitors is strictly fobidden during the race.
  • Combat with brigands is not grounds for a re-race. Brigand interception is a part of the event.
  • No more than two competitors may be on board the ship at any time. The complement of the ship may be filled out with NPPs. The two pirates on board must be the two pirates registered for the event -- substitutions are not permitted.
  • The top two finishing teams from each of the qualifying rounds will progress to the Olympiad.