Midnight's High Rollers' Tournament

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Midnight's High Rollers' Tournament (HRT)

Tournament Director - Baldo
Venue - Baldo's Manor on Eta (basement, not the OPT room)

The Game

The HRT is a no-rebuy, 10-player, winner-take-all poker tournament consisting of two stages of escalating blind levels. For Stage One, the players buy into a 2 PoE no-limit game for the maximum 200 PoE. Stage One will last for approximately one hour and end after a random hand. Anyone who loses all their chips at any time is out.

Players will carry forward their chip stacks into Stage Two. If anyone has less than the 200 PoE minimum buy in for Stage Two, they are eliminated. Stage Two will be a 20 PoE no-limit game and will progress until a lone champion stands or a deal is agreed upon and approved by the tournament director.

Entry Fee

100,000 PoE, paid in advance, non-refundable

Prize Payout

1,000,000 PoE to the winner

Reserving a Seat

To reserve a seat you must contact Baldo in game or via PM and arrange a meeting time. Once you have paid your non-refundable entry fee, you will have a confirmed seat.

Rules and Rulings

  • Prepaid entry fees only.
  • No refunds.
  • Do not shout.
  • The HRG is a closed-door event. Spectators are allowed only if they are sponsored by one of the participants and the tournament director is notified in advance.
  • Spectators may not use game chat and may make only minimal use of house chat.
  • Do not discuss hands until the hand is over.
  • Do not play multiple pirates (one user in control of more than one event participant).
  • If you disconnect, try and return to your seat as soon as possible. If you don't make it back in time and your PoE in play is removed by the system and deposited in your global purse, you are out of the tournament.

Report any problems to Baldo via tell. Baldo will be monitoring the table throughout the tournament.

The rules posted here will not cover all of the potential problems that may occur during the tournament. Poker can be rather complex. Baldo's rulings will be final and payment of the entry fee indicates acceptance of these rules.