Metaphor For Mayhem

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Metaphor For Mayhem at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Curlypearly
Senior Officer(s) Darcia, Darylsmum, Kiwidude, Musimo, Pikemaster, Smokeysun, Tikity, Treefolk, Trojis
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Funky Town
Founded 5 November, 2007
Last updated on 7 December, 2010
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Metaphor For Mayhem is a crew sailing the Meridian Ocean flying the flag Funky Town. It was originally the crew A New Hope (on Viridian) which was then renamed to Happy Birthday Douggw and after much deliberation after Douggw's birthday, was then renamed to Metaphor For Mayhem.

Public Statement

NOTICE: take no notice of this notice, for if you notice this notice, then you will notice that this notice is not worth noticing, as this notice should not be noticeable, for it is a notice of no notice. =D welcome to the crew!

Crew Articles

A hearty welcome to all that have fortuned to stumble across our fair crew.

Avast, if ye be thieves then ye'd best stumble back to whence ye came, for we do not tolerate such disrespect.

Crew Shoppes/Stalls:

  • Sail To Sanity : Napi Peak (garnet)
  • Iron Maiden (IM) : Napi Peak (garnet)
  • Leoniden's Tailoring stall : Lima island (jade)
  • Curlypearly's Weaving Stall : Lima island (jade)
- Make an order, take a job. : D


Cabin Person: You will receive this rank apon joining us.

Pirate: Broads Or Distinguished, in most piracy puzzles - Do Not gun without permission.

Officer: Broads Or Respected in most the piracy puzzles - Enthusiasm to pillage is what we look for in our new Officers (this rank is automatic if ye own a shippy).

NOTE! - The title of "MIDSHIPMAN" will be bestowed upon any Pirate i feel worthy of Officer training. We will teach you how to battle nav. lead a pillage, and restock a the end. Once you have passed the Officer test, you will then be ranked Officer :)

To get the DUTY nav. mission, you need to have broad in all piracy puzzles, and a pirate badge or higher.

For the BATTLE nav. mission, you need to have broads in all piracy puzzles, narrow duty nav. and a pirate badge or higher.

Please do not ask for instant FO or SO as they will not be given.

Fleet Officer: Must Have: The ablity to run a pillage, at least dist. battle nav, enthusiasm and the TRUST of most of the Senior Officers and myself.

As well, you need the recommendation from at least 2 FO's/SO's!! Only after we TRUST you will you get this rank.

Senior Officer: This rank will be awarded at my own discretion.

Captain: Create your own crew.


Crew Rules:

  1. Respect thy crewmates!
  2. Listen to the OIC ( Officer In Charge )
  3. Do not Steal ..Or Beg
  4. Have FUN!
  5. pikemaster SO of metaphor waz here