Mejestic Rogues

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Mejestic Rogues at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Captain Mejestic
Senior Officer(s) Execute, Kolp, Komedyen, Lumine, Piratemano, Rockdude
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Crisis Rogues
Founded 24 July, 2009
Dormant or disbanded as of 6 January, 2011
Crews-Mejestic Rogues.jpg

Mejestic Rogues was a crew on the Sage Ocean.

Promotion requirements

The reason for the following requirements is to build a strong crew. These requirements are not hard to achieve and the captain and the senior officers are more than happy to help everyone get the requirements needed. These are all guidelines set by the captain and are subject to change. Exceptions may and will be made by the captain’s discretion. If you want to put an ALT in the crew you must be able to prove that the alt can work as well as the main account. Do not ask to be promoted and do not ask for an exception.

The following puzzles are the ones that we look for good stats in: Bilging, Carpentry, Sailing, Rigging, and Gunning. Other puzzles such as Navigation, Swordfighting, Rumbling, and Treasure Haul are not considered when determining rank. Battle Navigation is considered when determining rank above the pirate rank.

Please Note: No one joins the crew as an officer! DO NOT ASK FOR A PROMOTION. The captain and senior officers watch our members carefully and we will determine when you deserve to be promoted. Officers require that you have the captain’s trust. You will only be given officer after proving you can be trusted to the captain and that you have basic battle navigation skills. Also you must be a member of the crew for more than just a day in order to be considered for the rank of officer.

  • Cabin person: Anyone can be a cabin person you are one as soon as you join.
  • Pirate: Have at least 2 broads in the stats listed above this shows the captain you have experience.
  • Officer: Have broad or better in all pirate stats listed above. You must be able to run a pillage by yourself. You must also prove this to the captain or a senior officer by running your own pillage with one of them on board. Trust is very important in this crew if you can't be trusted then you will not be an officer.
  • Fleet officer: Must have solid or better in the pirate stats listed above. Must have moderate knowledge of battle navigation. You also must be willing to run your own pillages at least once a week. Exceptions on stats will be made for exceptional battle navigation skills. Must be trustworthy! Must be an active member in the crew which means you must be online a lot.
  • Senior officer: Senior Officers must have exceptional battle navigation skills. You must also own your own ship there is no size requirement. Do not ask to be promoted to a senior officer because this is a privilege that the captain will bestow upon you when you have proven yourself to be a good leader and an active member of the crew. You cannot buy your way in. In our crew it doesn’t matter how much poe or ships you have. As a senior officer you must be willing to recruit new members by running pillages regularly. You must also be willing to help train new members of the crew.

TO All Those who are new and looking for help with Battle Navigation and ship management I strongly recommend Quartermaster Pirate helper. It can be downloaded here.

IF YOU NEED HELP the officers, Fleet Officers, Senior officers and the captain are all here to assist you. Please don't be afraid to ask. IF YOU DON'T KNOW ASK.

All members of the crew who are in good standing and active will receive a 1,000 poe discount on all goods purchased at Mejestic's stalls all located on Admiral Island. Purchase must be 5k or over not including the dub charge and members must be active and have been in the crew at least 1 week.