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Mangouste is currently an independent pirate. They used to play as Kohama, where they were a part of Rolling Thunder for about 4 years. Mangouste also makes avatars.


Mangouste started playing in 2005 under the name Kohama. They recently started over on this persona and joined Epic Disaster, where they advanced in the ranks to become a fleet officer. When Epic Disaster merged with Illustrious Conquest, they left, hoping to find a smaller crew. After taking a lengthy break from the game, they came back online in the spring of 2012, and recently joined Die By The Sword. Mangouste's younger brother is Asup. They are known as Aliceness on the forums, and they make and host websites for crews and flags.

Avatars (for others)

Avatar-Aliceness-Aliceness.png Avatar-Aliceness-Aliceness4.png Avatar-Aliceness-Kirppu1.png Avatar-Aliceness-Justinmickey.png Avatar-Aliceness-Azagh.png Avatar-Aliceness-Frostburnx.png Avatar-Aliceness-MsBabette.png Avatar-Aliceness-Asup759.png Avatar-Aliceness-Sissimarie.png Avatar-Aliceness-Ecastasy.png Avatar-Aliceness-Boochx.png Avatar-Aliceness-Vettias.png

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