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Maetar started playing YPP back in the days of Azure and has been an avid player ever since. Barring a break for a year when the code was update with certain features which meant his pc no longer played the game at a sensible response time. Following a PC upgrade he returned and seeing the original crew he was part of (Jolie Rouge) no longer existed and his main crewmates (Skywise, Kelyon and Cailet) no longer played, he went out and played solo for a while before joining BOP. During his time as a member of BOP he rose through the ranks to SO and was an active member of both crew and flag activities. At the time bop was part of the flag Avast Party People where he gained the rank of Royalty and even for a short period, king. Following departure from APP he led BOP into forming a new flag, Trident which flourished for a while but was eventualy disbanded for political issues. Maetar can still be found hiding in various holes on Midnight, usualy playing poker or out jobbing on some raid. He is a self admited stat/trophy whore working hard to try and become the third pirate to get the ultimate pirate trophy on Midnight.

Maetar is a Senior Officer of the crew BOP.

Titles, Awards and Accomplishments

  • Former king of Trident
  • Former king of Avast Party People
  • Captain of BOP
  • Rank 1 guns many years ago (I have a Screenshot somewhere, but that was when you could choose 2, 4 or 6 guns)
  • Winner of a Drinking tournie with the sloop Somnambulating Sawfish (rename by Cleaver himself) as the prize
  • Winner of various other tournies with smaller prizes
  • 4th in Cobalt Conch bilge bakeoff March 2007
  • 5th place in bilge bakeoff April 21 2007
  • Second place in the Leaky Merchy Race July 16th 2006

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