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Luckyparrot is a pirate on the Cobalt Ocean. His greatest joy on Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates is ruining greenies' fun. Pirates can usually find him on Dragon's Nest, dock tarting or puzzling.



Luckyparrot first washed up on the shore of Lima Island on Cobalt on July 22nd, 2005. His main pirate at the time was known as Edd. Edd found a home in the crew Turbanators of the flag Dangerously Well. He subscribed on July 24th, and quickly rose to the rank of officer. When Edd purchased his first sloop, he was appointed fleet officer.

In November 2005, Edd first created his alt Luckyparrot, which would later become his main pirate and pinnacle of his piratey career. Near Christmas of 2005, he retired and deleted Edd. Luckyparrot began playing World of Warcraft, but Puzzle Pirates began to pull him back in.

On February 22nd, 2006, Luckyparrot quit World of Warcraft and came back to Puzzle Pirates. At first startled by the new updates of the game, Luckyparrot soon got used to Rumble and the other new additions to the game, and re-joined his old crew Turbanators. Soon, however, he felt he needed a new crew as a fresh start.

Luckyparrot briefly joined Heian Era of Indestructible Fury as an officer, and later joined Moogles of Mayhem of the flag Hydrophobia. He quickly rose to the rank of fleet officer, as he did with the Turbanators.

Today, he is a senior officer of Le Crew of the flag Megalomania. His current home island is Dragon's Nest of the Jade Archipelago. Currently, he is semi-retired and seldom joins pillages, but enjoys the occasional Drinking match or Atlantis run. Often you can find him in the back-room of House of Swallows on Dragon's Nest or on the docks tarting about silly little things like ale and wenches.

Contributions and awards

  • Won a blue/black ribbon in the Cowboy Boat Renames competition on December 06, 2006.
  • Won a lime daisy in an automated drinking tournament in early Spring, 2006.
  • Assisted Hurricane in Terra I on August 6, 2005.
  • Nearly three years into his Pirate Career


Before January of 2006, Luckyparrot was known as Edd. He deleted Edd in January and started a new pirate, Luckyparrot. He changed his pirate's characteristic goatee to mutton chops in March 2008.

Notable Trinkets

To Luckyparrot, for his winning entry in the Cowboy Boat Renames mini-comp. Congrats, mate! ~Agon
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