Lub Monkeys

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Lub Monkeys at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Captain Seroled
Senior Officer(s) Asparia, Axia, Jangalang, Sweetandi, Monkeypoot
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Capsized
Founded 15 September, 2008
Merged with Too Drunk To Plunder as of 1 December, 2011
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Lub Monkeys is a crew that sails the Midnight Ocean. The crew currently flies the flag of Capsized.


Lub Monkeys was founded on 15 September 2008 by Daisydahling and a host of runaways from Glubber Lubbers. Lub Monkeys was founded when a group of crewmates were saddened by the lack of energy and activity of the flag that they were in. After multiple attempt to breathe life into their flag, it was decided it was time for a change. Talk was made to move the crew as a whole, yet in the end we decided that a fresh start was in the best interest of everyone. The main core of us Lubs got together and brainstormed and Lub Monkeys was born!

On 22 September 2008 the crew joined the flag Anchor Management.

On 13 August 2010 the crew decided to move on & joined the flag Capsized.

On 1 December 2011 Lub Monkeys was formally merged with Too Drunk To Plunder.

Contributions / Activities

  • During October of 2008 spilled rum all over themselves and lit it on fire...
  • September 2009 - Participated in Anchor Management's Blockade of Beta, helping to secure that flags first island.


  1. Daisydahling (September 2008 - June 2009)
  2. Seroled (July 2009 - September 2009)
  3. Monkeypoot (October 2009 - July 2010)
  4. Seroled (August 2010 - December 2011)

Public Statement

Lub Monkeys is an adult crew based on loyalty and friendship. We are here for great fun, goofy conversation and lots of monkey business. We are a diverse bunch of lub monkeys... some of us love to pillage, some love to play cards, some merchant or just log in to tart with friends. While we are a tight knit group, we welcome new adult members at any time. Please see an officer if you wish to join our band o' monkeys.

Crew Articles

  1. Do not board a ship at sea without first asking PTB (permission to board).
  2. Be respectful and courteous to fellow crewmates.
  3. Remember at all times this is a game and have some fun.

Promotion Requirements

Ranks in Lub Monkeys are mainly built on trust and loyalty. We understand that not everyone can pull incredible in every puzzle. Stats, while they may look pretty, are no indication on your pirate character. So if you recently joined us, we want to get to know you better and make sure we are a good fit for each other, then promotions will happen accordingly.

  • Cabin Person: Ask the Officer in Charge after booty has been divided in port.

Crew Stalls

  • Daisydahling's Shipyard on Turtle
  • Monkeypoot’s Ironmonger on Winter Solstice
  • Seroled's Point Made on Gaea
  • Egg Grog on Winter Solstice (managed by Seroled)
  • Seroled’s Apothecary Stall on Wrasse

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