Little flower

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Little flower at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Captain Destiny
Senior Officer(s) Clairence, Gardawn, Kosmos, Metju, Mwahahahaha, Secuoia, Silentpanda, Yamara
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Creatures of the Deep
Dormant or disbanded as of 30 July, 2008

Little flower was once a crew on the Sage Ocean. It was founded on January 21, 2006, and was dormant as of the 30th of July, 2008.


Little flower was a tight-knit crew, founded by Marienvonbal on the 21st of January, 2006. This Wensleydale based crew had grown in numbers, possibly thanks to its rather novel name. The crew was part of the Creatures of the Deep flag, which was created by Little Flower.

The crew had no long-term plans for any specific island, but a general one to take over and control at least an outpost island by the end of 2007.

The crew rose and fell in both the rankings and the number of crew members depending on the number of large pillages run by the officers. This could vary from zero to three war frigate pillages in a single day.

Last anyone heard from the crew, Little Flower, it was comfortably in the top twenty crews of the Sage Ocean. The crew had big plans about its future, with a substantial 72 vessels, and growing.

Public Statement

Ahoy there mates, this be Little Flower!


- DO be polite. A bit of common courtesy isn’t hard, so mind your Ps and Qs!

- DON’T moan about getting your booty. Booty is ONLY divided a port and no amount of whining will change this.

- DO team during swordfights/rumbling matches by clicking on an opponent with ONE or TWO dots already beside it. This is VERY IMPORTANT if you want a nice big booty at the end of the pillage!

- DON’T hassle everyone around you about gunning/naving. We’ll let you know if we’d like you to help us.

- DO take a station. You’re on that ship to work, so please start puzzling! Anyone who refuses to do so WILL be planked from our ships as it’s not fair on everyone else. :)

- DON’T comment on or tell the officer in charge how to bnav. Understand that it is a puzzle requiring concentration and if you don't respect that, you'll get planked.


If you would like to be promoted then please check you fulfill the minimum requirements below. If you’ve got any problems please talk to an officer.

Minimum Requirements:

CABIN PERSON: Ask an officer once we get to port (please don’t ask during the pillage as it will only lag everyone)

PIRATE: 3 narrows in piracy duties(except SF and rumble)

OFFICER: Every duty at broad/distinguished, battle navigation at distinghushed too, the trust of the officers & captain, and to pass a test pillage.(own ship is great)

FLEET/SENIOR OFFICER: Just stay a hard working, helpful and skilful pirate you’ll be recognized and promoted in no time!


- This crew doesn’t require PTB (Permission to Board), so if you want to join our pillages then you’re more than welcome XD

- Please remember that the real skill in being a pirate is in your standings, not your experience. This means that being respected/master/renowned etc is MUCH more impressive than experience (broad/solid etc) as this only shows that you’ve played the game a lot…not that you’re any good at it!

- The following url is VERY useful for giving you tips on improving your abilities:

- If you’re confused about anything at all to do with Little Flower/pillaging/YPP in general then please let us know, but please don’t pester us-we’re only human!