Last Pirates Standing

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Last Pirates Standing at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Darkknyght
Senior Officer(s) Lovelygirlkk, Knifehand, Supercheese
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Imperial Pirates
Founded 10 October, 2008
Last updated on 19 January, 2011
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Last Pirates Standing is a crew that sails the Meridian Ocean, formerly of the Viridian Ocean. The crew currently sails the flag of Imperial Pirates.


Ocean King's Fleet was founded on the 10th of October 2008, and first joined the flag Ocean Master's Academy.

The crew was renamed Last Pirates Standing in the year 2009 on May 16. On July 11 of the same year they left Ocean Master's Academy and joined Ocean Master's Fleet.

At some stage during 2010 the crew again moved flags to Scout's Rebellion.

August 8th 2011 Lovelygirlkk made the Flag Imperial Pirates, then made Darkknyght King of the flag

Public Statement

When others Fail and Fall, only the Elite last are left! Ask any officer if you are a Elite Pirate to join >=D

Crew Articles

  1. Mates are expected to ask Permission to Board (PtB) when boarding a ship at sea.
  2. No cursing, swearing or rude behavior.
  3. No lazing without the permission of the Officer in Charge (OiC)
  4. Officers need to at least try to do 3 pillies or more a week.
  5. Please do not leave ships on uninhabited islands unless it be yer vessel.
  6. Respect each other and work as a team to become number 1 in the ocean!!!
  7. If you become inactive you will be demoted unless you have a valid reason for you absence.
  8. If someone in the crew is having a pilly and you're not on any ship you must try and help your fellow mates!(that means you poker heads!)
  9. Remember at all times this is a game and have some fun.

Promotion Requirements

  • Cabin person: Only to ones that have deserved it and not in a good way :-) Never ever have it!!! This spot is for inactive members!
  • Pirate: Ye get this as soon as ye join! ISN'T THAT GREAT!
  • Officer: Must have 3 broads in piracy and just plain out have fun and enjoy themselves. Must have an officer test by a designated SO. Also Narrow B-nav.
  • Fleet officer: Elite pirates that have earned the SO's and captain's trust by showing leadership and loyalty! Have 3 solids and at least show you are good in b-nav.
  • Senior officer: Speak with great respect and have great leadership and have earned the trust of the captain to the fullest. Have earned the spot by showing they care about the crew and also have the trust of SO's. DO NOT ASK FOR THIS POSITION YOU WILL BE GIVEN IT WHEN YOU HAVE SHOWN THAT YOU DESERVE IT!