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Laramy is senior officer and distiller of the crew Klingon Warriors on the Cerulean Ocean.


Shoppes and stalls

A rum making story

Laramy has grown found of distilling since his early days of piracy. First gaining experience as a manager under many shoppe owners, he quickly grew his first distilling stall to a thriving business. He was allowed to purchase land on Wrasse Island from his flag and erected his first shoppe: Wrasse Call. While leaving for a long sabbatical, the shoppe was left to the care of Oppy and it is still a well run and thriving shoppe to this date.

Returning from years of absence, Laramy did not resist long to the "addiction" of making rum. He elected to open his new production stall on Namath Island and since has made a good living of it.

note: 'outlet' stalls listed below.

Ownership Icon distillery.png

  • Stalls:
    • Namath Island in the Jet arch
    • Beta Island in the Sapphire arch.