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The Scabby Sea Rat
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Kvarno is the captain of the crew Scabby Sea Rats and King of the flag Sanctuary for Scum. He sails the Midnight Ocean.


Kvarno was once a core member of The Jolly Company, the first flag to blockade an island on Midnight, namely Emperor Island. When The Jolly Company had lost Emperor to Avalon and the flag was about to collapse, Kvarno stepped in as monarch to help finish the negotiations which led to Emperor being reclassified as a medium island. With no home left, the remnants of The Jolly Company joined the only remaining crew, the Scabby Sea Rats, and banded together with the flag Dies Irae under Tarnum. Kvarno was made royal of the flag, but never engaged himself in its politics.

When Tallinnamany, the previous captain of Scabby Sea Rats became inactive, Kvarno took over the crew and made it independent under its own flag, Sanctuary for Scum. He also changed crew policies and allows anyone into the crew, regardless of potential consequences.

Kvarno enjoys sitting in Cacambo's Estate, or his pride, the golden dhow Ship of Poetry, and playing poker all day long. He also enjoys talking to other pirates whenever he can, and gives in easily than most to beggars.


  • Captain of the crew Scabby Sea Rats
  • King of the flag Sanctuary for Scum
  • Former Monarch/Prince of the flag The Jolly Company
  • Former Prince of the flag Dies Irae
  • Former Owner of Tequila Mockingbird on Epsilon Island