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Defeated by:"Kojostiks"
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"Honestly, it the honest one you wanna watch out for. Its a game and we are pirates...." from rumble tournament
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Kojostiks, also known as Kojo, is a senior officer in The Undead Skeletons and lord in the Black Flag. He owns a painted sloop named Cool Tigerfish.


Kojostiks began playing on the Sage Ocean in mid December 2007. He started with the navy for a few days before joining Checkmate under Lilthor as an officer.After about a week of nothing with Checkmate, Kojo left and joined his good friend, Blackmon's crew, The Undead Skeletons commanded by Stevenata, as an officer. Since then he has stayed a Skellie and moved up to the rank of senior officer.



  • Eye patch


His good friends in the game

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