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Kittyn sails the Midnight Ocean with her crew Psych Ward.

Contributions and Accomplishments

  • Captain of Psych Ward
  • Former Princess of Raptus Regaliter
  • Former Shanty Raid-io DJ


Kittyn is a former Shanty Jockey for Shanty Raid-io on the Midnight Ocean. She has also been known to broadcast from Sage and Cobalt. Her show was called Kittyn's Playground. She has taken an extended leave of absence, but may show up again from time to time.

Kittyn is the main wrangler for a bunch of alts, most ending with the word "kittyn". She also can claim to be Everyone on Midnight, and Everyone is in Moonlighting. She used to own the Darn It, Jim and Static Klingon shoppes on Delta Island, as well as stalls under her name on that same island. They are an ironmonger, distiller, shipwright, and furnisher. Also on Delta, she is the main manager for Blargath's Apothecary Stall.

Kittyn has been playing since December 2004, being introduced to the game by Zanered.

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