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Kickoo is a senior officer and alchemist of the crew Man Overboard and a prince of the flag Tea and Strumpets. He sails the Sage Ocean.

Kickoo is now a Pirate!

Kickoo joined a crew in the start of his life , it was called "Salty dogs" It was a crew for green people and that what he was , After he did gain some skills he found that he need a better crew , a crew where he can become an officer .. he joined a crew that was called Knock Before Entering (KBE). In this crew he learned the way to become a real pirate ,But too bad this crew reached the end after some time .. Kickoo had to search for a crew , a new one he found the right one with "Inhitazka" they raised it together , One day, a meeting did happend and it was about to start the old named crew "Headless Dubloons" , that crew happend of 3 crews merge ,Ceegee become the Captain and the crew was so big and so good. After couple of months the crew did merge with CF because of some problems with some people , It ruined a great crew. It was the time again to make a crew , the crew was called "Man Overboard" and it was the right crew , Kickoo did stay in it as far for this day.

Some ranks Kickoo got in his piratey life!

  • Fleet Officer in the crew "KBE".
  • Senior Officer in the crew "HD".
  • Prince in the flag "Outcast".
  • Lord in the flag "Hells Wrath".
  • Prince in the flag "Raving Nation".
  • Senior Officer and Captain in the crew "Man Overboard".
  • Member,Lord and Prince of the flag "Tea and Strumpets".