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Key West Carpool

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Pirate Party 2005
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Key West Carpool
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Please post where you're coming from, how many people you can take/need space for, and how to contact you below.


Jimmybuffet probably starting from Denver, possibly meeting up with Amethyst/Inuki in Raleigh, NC and going down from there. Looking for riders/drivers/convoyers. AOL keylesslinda (jimmybuffet)

Soulwyshe probably driving from central Louisiana through New Orleans, Biloxi, Pensacola to talahassee and then down to key west. Aol contact soulwishfire13@aim.com

Empereux will be driving from Southern Mississippi, leaving Wednesday morning to arrive in Key West Thursday morning. Email contact sitjustquietly@gmail.com. Yahoo Messenger Contact sitjustquietly.

Looking for a Ride

Heksubah will be flying in to Miami and needs a ride from there to Key West. She should arrive at 1:16pm per her ticket plus whatever time is needed to collect her things. She can be reached via email at admin@shantyraidio.com or through the following messengers - Yahoo: Heksubah, AIM: HeksubahMoo

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