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Jumpinjobean is the captain of the crew Thieves of Mercy, and a princess of the flag Prestige on the Sage Ocean. She has been playing far too much for too long, but still has a lot of fun.

She did what?

  • FO then SO of the Shooting Stars of Sage 2006-2008
  • Princess of Fearless Privateers 2007-2008 (set up Mercantile Team, Member of both flag events and SSoS Officer Training Corps)
  • Captain of the Shooting Stars of Sage April to July 2008
  • Captain of the Thieves of Mercy September 2008 til she lost her password.
  • Princess of Prestige 2008 til 2011.
  • Crew moved to League of Light sometime then.

and I'm back...

  • Captain of Thieves of Mercy Resurr (yes I know, it was a great idea that went wrong) 2022 -
  • Lady of League of Light 2022-

Blockade history

  • Land admiral, FP, Kakraphoon IX (victorious)
  • Land admiral, FP, Kakraphoon X (victorious)
  • Bnav Kashgar Prestige v CM (lost) 2009
  • Something and everything Albatross Prestige v Good Grief (lost) Jan 2010
  • Land Admiral Kasidim Prestige v IE (lost) Feb 2010

Anything else is now getting lost in the mists of time...

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