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Jesserempel is a pirate on the Sage Ocean. He is a senior officer and alchemist of the crew Fair Winds and member of the flag Raving Notion.

Biographical Information

Jesserempel started playing Puzzle Pirates in March of 2006, along with many friends in real life. He started out as a pirate in the crew Privateers, where he made enough PoE to buy a bungalow, which he shared with his now-banned-friend Pprrobert.

By the time July came around, Jesserempel found that his friends Yhoho, Sexypun, Malibudiehot, and Pprrobert were becoming interested in starting their own crew. They suggested Jesse should be captain, and so on July 15th they bought a poker table and came up with enough money to start and name the crew to an unfortunate name, which they all regretted from the start.

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