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Jbeard is a Senior officer of the Dragon Slayers crew under the Anchor Management flag on the Midnight Ocean.

Contributions and Accomplishments

  • Maker and brainchild of the Dragon Slayers crew.
  • Found a suitable flag for the crew.
  • Built a small Commodities Trade.


Having been discontent with his old crew, Jbeard left with his fellow crewmates, Ecanus and Nellysz, in tow. He wanted a fierce name for his new crew, one that would strike fear in the hearts of pirates ocean-wide. Jbeard chose Dragon Slayers from a list of five possible choices. With poe on the brain, he set up and runs two ironworking stalls and in the middle of building a successful Commodities Trading Business. He has big plans for his crew and intends to fulfill every one of them. Recently, he's stepped down from the Captain's seat, but still remains a very influential member of the crew. He holds a spot of honor within the crew as it's founder.

Shoppes and Stalls