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Ecanus is the Senior Officer in the Dragon Slayers crew on the Midnight Ocean.

Contributions and Accomplishments

  • Provided the name for the crew.
  • Helped persuade the flag to let the crew join.
  • Became a titled member of Anchor Management.
  • Headed the fund raiser for the crew portrait.
  • Became a royal member of Anchor Management.
  • Voted Captain by her crew mates.


Ecanus's introduction to the islands of Midnight ocean was a silent affair. Determined to become a great pirate, she quickly went into the navy to sharpen her sailing skills. After learning to sail and bilge, she started her career in pillaging by sending applications to various crews. She stayed with a rather large crew -- the name forgotten in the depths of the ocean -- and felt out of place. It was around this time she took a job with Jbeard. He took a liking to her and offered to make her an officer in the Cheeseballs of Fury with the condition she improved on her gunning. They became fast partners and friends from the start. In the beginning of February 2008, they decided to break off from their old crew and flag to form a new crew.

Currently, she is the Treasurer of the crew along with her Senior Officer status in charge of raising poe for the benefit of the crew. She is the backbone of the crew and a natural born leader, but prefers to remain "behind the scenes" claiming that Jbeard should stay Captain because he's prettier...and then her crew voted her Captain five months later.

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