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Izzle is a fleet officer and explorer in the crew Rumination Navy. Soon she will be married to Hippie. She has a rat named Mini Elvis and a cat named Skipper. Her two best friends are Queeniie and Bananacow. She met Queeniie at a dock and then she invited Queeniie to her house and started to call Queeniie "Mommy" and ever since Queeniie has been her "Mom". She can't remember when she met Bananacow but she calls Bananacow "Auntie Banana" because Queeniie asked bananacow if she wanted to be her sister and Bananacow said yes so now Bananacow is her aunt! Hippie and Izzle are getting married soon because Izzle just asked Hippie to marry her for no apparent reason and he said yes.