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Isildur was a pirate on the Sage Ocean. He was captain of the crew Ngog's Warriors.

Isildur had been in Ngog's Warriors for the entirety of his pirate career. It was a strictly invite only crew, although anybody who enjoys no-holes Treasure Drop was welcome. The pedigree of the crew was of such that Isildur and his friend, Boromir (more commonly known as Stroy or Mattious) were regarded as the two best players in the history of treasure drop.

Isildur had fairly good puzzle skills; he had attained the #1 rank in many puzzles.

The following is a list of familiars Isildur had won in competitions. These do not include those won in wagers against other players or those bought with PoE.

Familiars Won

  • Familiar Treasure Drop competition
  • Gunnery competition
    • Ginger monkey
    • Lime octopus
    • 2 tan octopuses
    • 2 red/yellow parrots
  • Shipwrightery competition
    • Tan monkey
    • Rose octopus
    • White/navy parrot
  • Beige monkey (Sailing competition)
  • Gold octopus (Survery says - multiple puzzle competition, March 2009)
  • Violet/lavender parrot (old-style Bilging bake off)
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