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Ionakana is a fleet officer and carpenter of Subordination and a member of Access Denied.

He reserved his name on all oceans to prevent people from trying to be him. Ionakana does play on Opal often, under the name of Suche.


Ionakana was washed up on Alkaid Island on Hunter on May 21st, 2007. Being so confused and disoriented, he found himself in The Drunken Brotherhood under the order of Cherd.

Once on a skellie mission on Toba Island, he fell in love with the island and made it his destiny to govern that island. (However this is probably NEVER going to happen). Of course, to govern an island, you must start somewhere, so he created the crew, El Diablo which lived for two months until the last sloop was sunk into the ocean. Mere months later, he created another crew, Chinook. Chinook quickly rose to the top 50 crews, but due to lack of members, merged the crew into Swashbearder's crew, Poseidon's Revenge.

At the time, Poseidon's Revenge was a part of Deadly Time where Ionakana became a Prince. Swashbearder and Ionakana disliked Deadly Time because they were too afraid of war. So as Princes, they declared war on a flag that their crew joined seconds after the war was confirmed.

When Swashbearder sold his crew and remade it, Ionakana left for a few private reasons. Loving the flag Access Denied, he joined Subordination to be with a small but powerful crew, under the influence of Cheezits


  • Bobsalive - Ionakana goes on elite pillages with him. However, Ionakana's Carpentry stat always goes down when he jobs with Bobsalive, no matter what
  • Killerteeth - Ionakana goes on elite pillages with him. They tend to get lots of Kraken's blood
  • Sainter - Who could forget him? Well Ionakana did, so here is his acknowledgment.

Contributions and Awards

  • Achieved #15 in Treasure Haul experience (still climbing)
  • Achieved #13 in poker
  • Achieved #24 in Treasure Haul
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