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Infinite Horizons turned 3 active years of age on the 3rd of January 2012

Infinite Horizons at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Last Monarch Mcgee (Left Flag w/ Crew & joined another Flag) of Marauders
Member crew(s) Border of Death, GFK, JVS, Lodestar, Marauder's Delusion, Mast Destruction, NH, Perils of the Sea, Port Royal Privateers, Will to Power
Founded 3 January, 2009
Dormant as of 10 February, 2012
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Infinite Horizons was co-founded in the year 2009 on January 3 by Mcgee and Vivian with their respective crews Marauders and Vakhar Aear after a long planning period.

We want to offer friendly and well organized gaming environment to our members. To this purpose we encourage friendly atmosphere within crews and flag, and will handle problems as soon as possible. All member crews should also train their new recruits to the basics of puzzling, etiquette and game mechanics.

Our flag may participate on all aspects of the game. Worth especially mentioning is that we do intend to take part in serious blockades eventually in the future, and this has significant influence on some aspects of our flag. - Blockading may mean sinking blockade and war, officers should be aware what this will mean in practice. - Every officer in flag should follow at the minimum flag issues, but preferably also flag forum. - We are not old flag with huge accumulated resources, so all donations are much appreciated, whatever the size. Similarly, we need to train our members and learn teamwork to overcome more experienced flags who can hire or have connections otherwise to get skilled people. - When it comes time to go to blockade board, our reputation and political connections will be important in attracting jobbers. Because of this, I take good conduct and treating jobbers well very seriously. (Good reputation also has benefit of attracting better jobbers for normal pillages too.)

Public statement

Reaching for Infinite Horizons Flag website

Extended public statement

Sloop raffle! See details here

To a landlubber the horizons set the limit, states where one land ends and another begins. But we aim for Infinite Horizons! We see no limits, our horizons move with us as we sail the seas. No beginning, no end, ever changing, all the waters for the taking. Infinite Horizons to be conquered, to be claimed.

If yer crew be interested in joining us in our quest to own the Hunter seas, sqeak ye to the Royal or Titled members of our fair flag. While all active pirates be welcome, only those whilling to prove their valor witll be initiated into the ranks of the elit. For those still earning their sea legs, our well-trained and proven flaggies would be glad to help educate and illuminate the way to fame upon the high seas. Indeed it is only through the growth of new members that our flag can grow in sature and strength. Through the merits of our crew members we shall make our name famous across the Ocean.

Should yer flag be considering diplomatic discussions, talk to King Mcgee, or one of our other royals. An infinite horizon means an infinite vision, an infinite view for change. Have fun as ye learn and join us in Infinite Horizons Flag.

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