Imperial Hunters (Hunter)

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Imperial Hunters at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Last Captain Pholackti (Dormant)
Senior Officer(s) Botterik, Kaypazza, Kd (ALL are dormant)
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation The Sewing Circle
Founded 3 June, 2006
Dormant as of 1 December, 2016
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Imperial Hunters is a dormant crew on the Emerald Ocean, flying the flag of The Sewing Circle.


First generation

In the first generation Kd was the captain, at this time the crew was pretty strong but after the opening of the Malachite Ocean nearly the entire crew moved on to Malachite or became dormant. The captain Kd gave the crew to his senior officer Botterik.

Second generation

Now Botterik was captain of a dormant crew with not so many members left. But he kept on going not letting his beloved crew fall apart. It was at this part he met Fostas, a 14 years old kid that had just started playing again, Fostas joined Imperial Hunters with the dream of getting the crew to own an island. So Fostas, Botterik, Poena, Naren, Bluelle and Bollebolle kept the crew going trying to get the crew back to its former glory.

Third generation

Intner a former Imperial Hunters' member who just started playing again, came back to his old crew, his goal was to get Imperial Hunters in an active flag. Botterik gave the crew to Intner. Intner managed to get Imperial Hunters in to the flag Rebel Rousers.

That's where Imperial Hunters was once, when it was on the former Hunter Ocean: still trying to raise members.

Fourth generation

Presently, as of the 1st of December, 2016, Imperial Hunters is run by Pholackti and some time before or after he became captain, the crew left the flag Rebel Rousers and joined The Sewing Circle.

Public statement

The third generation shall be the strongest yet!

Extended public statement

Welcome to the Imperial Hunters we are a lean mean pillaging machine! Come join us and lets rock this ocean. This is the original Imperial Hunters, there is no substitute.


The promotion criteria has been carefully designed to work as an incentive and a challenge to any player. Loyalty is key, as this will prove your status. We are selective regarding our officers. NOBODY will be promoted if they haven’t spent time in the crew and meet our requirements.

Officer: Broad/Master in 3 out of 4 of Sails/Rigging, Carp, Bilge, Gunning, and Narrow/Master+ in either SF or Rumble. Broad / Respected in Battle Navigation (You can get this through the navy if you have narrow duty navigation.)

Should know how to run and lead pillages - You will be taught as much as possible before being promoted by our experienced officers.

The officer rank is given out of respect to those we feel are above pirate, and do not mean that you have to pillage. However, you will be a role model for a crew and expected to act accordingly, and answer questions a crew mate may have if they are being polite and you are not busy.

Fleet Officer: Expected to lead a good pillage once and a while unless explicitly given an exception upon promotion. Renowned+ Battle Navigation if not given the exception.

Senior Officer: This is a recommendation only rank - you need a majority of the current SOs to agree that you deserve the rank because you are an active and star member of the crew.

SO position is a hard to reach but achievable position within this crew.