Haul of Fame (flag)

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For explorers hall, see Haul of Fame.
Haul of Fame at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Last Monarch Bairose of Poker's Haul
Member crew(s) Poker's Haul
Founded 18 November, 2012
Dormant or disbanded as of 18 November, 2012
Flags-Haul of Fame.jpg

Haul of Fame was a flag based on the Emerald Ocean. It was lead by captain Bairose with it's most notable senior officers being Bloodyface and Ssnooby. As captain Bairose is the Princess of the Flag 'Haul of Fame', this makes Poker's Haul the main Crew of the Flag. Well known for its rapid growth rate and riches, Poker's Haul is expected to rise to greatness.

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