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Hairyhaggis is a pirate on the Sage Ocean. He is currently the captain and scapegoat of the crew One oar in the water and king of the flag Tea and Strumpets.

He first began his life as a pirate in October 2006. Hairyhaggis joined the crew Blazing torch as a greenie and plundered his way to officer. After some time the founding captain was struggling with the time it takes to run a crew and handed the crew over to Hairyhaggis. While doing well as a inexperienced captain, he was very happy when his hearty Hippyguru joined the crew to help him bring the crew to greatness.

As time went on, Hairyhaggis was approached about a crew merger, and he accepted and Divineone's crew joined his. Shortly thereafter, the pressures that accompany the job of captain became too much. So he handed the crew to Hippyguru.

The crew continued to grow, as did Hairyhaggis's fondness for a certain pirate. Divineone had entered his life, and soon they became a couple. And things were looking great! After some inner crew issues, due to a disappearing captain, Hairyhaggis once again stepped up to the plate as captain.

Soon Hairyhaggis and Divineone along with the rest of the crew decided they needed to start their own flag. And so Mystical Voices was born - Hairyhaggis became a prince. The last big event in his life was in March 2007 when he asked Divineone to marry him, and she said "YES". The wedding will be sometime soon in 2007. In August Divineone left puzzle pirates, and after some thinking Hairyhaggis took over as monarch of Mystical voices.

Contributions & Achievements

  • Former lord of the flag Eternal Glory
  • Former prince of the flag Tea and Strumpets
  • Currently Captain of One oar in the water