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Greeter shortkeys

From YPPedia

Greeter shortkeys are words specific to greeters which automatically turn into a longer message. They act just like chat substitutions and can help with some of the commonly asked questions by greenies. They are programmed into the game, so all that needs to done is type them out by themselves into the chat window. For example:

"Greenie tells Greeter, "How do I earn money?"
(Greeter types) "/tell greenie faqearnpoe"
(What appears) Greeter told Greenie, "To earn PoE which you can use to buy items, you can take a navy mission, pillage with player crews, do crafting puzzles, or play in tournaments and parlor games."

Always ensure that the shortkey is typed correctly before sending the greenie the /tell- sending them a tell saying "faqeranpoe" will do them no good!

List of greeter shortkeys

ahoyhelp Ahoy there! How can I help ye?
askbefore Please ask the person you are challenging or requesting to trade with whether or not he/she would like to fight/trade before you issue the challenge/trade - it's more polite.
faqbadges Badges can be purchased at the palace shoppe using doubloons.
faqbuydoubs Doubloons can be purchased with a credit card by clicking the "Buy Doubloons" button in the Ye tab, or by exchanging your PoE for other players' doubloons at the bank.
faqclothes Clothes can be purchased from tailoring stalls. You can purchase clothes immediately using the rack, or have them custom made by using the order button.
faqdoubs Doubloons are required to deliver certain items such as fancy clothing, swords, and ships.
faqearnpoe To earn PoE which you can use to buy items, you can take a navy mission, pillage with player crews, do crafting puzzles, or play in tournaments and parlor games.
faqpoe Pieces of Eight (abbreviated PoE) are the currency of Puzzle Pirates. They are used to buy clothes, swords, and ships, among other things.
faqpshop Click on the map in the top right, and pick Government Buildings. The palace is the one with a dome icon. The palace shop is the first door to the right.
faqtos The Terms of Service are the rules for the game, which you read and agreed to when you signed up; you can read them at http://www.puzzlepirates.com/Terms.xhtml - breaking the rules will get you banned.
warnall Excessive swearing in public areas, avoiding the swearing filters, insulting others, being deliberately offensive or obscene, and spamming are against the Terms of Service ye signed. Break the rules, and you will get banned.
warnlanguage Please do not swear, insult, or harrass others.
warnshout Please do not shout unnecessarily - indoors, everyone in the room can hear you if you speak normally.
warnspam Please do not spam or flood the chat with nonsense or the same message repeated over and over.
warnspot You have been blackspotted. This means that you will be unable to talk for a period of time as a punishment for your poor behavior.

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