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2014 event logo.
2015 event logo.

In 2014, the Trick ARRR Trinket event was run again, but using a new set of "Ghastly" candy trinkets. During the event, the candy trinkets could be won from Brigand Kings and Sea Monster Hunt locations. Additionally, a Red LicoARRRice trinket was available from Punkin' pails. As in previous years, all of the candy trinkets were found to also be winnable from unannounced puzzling competitions.

These trinkets could subsequently be exchanged at a trading post for monster doll trinkets, which could also be held in portraits.

In 2015, Ghastly candy was again available, along with three new dolls for which the candy could be traded.

Trinket-Candy trident necklace.png
Candy trident necklace
Trinket-Chewy kraken egg.png
Chewy kraken egg
Trinket-Chocolate skull.png
Chocolate skull
Trinket-Cultist chew.png
Cultist chew
Trinket-Cursed rock.png
Cursed rock
Atlantis Kraken Brigand Kings Cursed Isles Cursed Isles
Trinket-Ghastly gobstopper.png
Ghastly gobstopper
Trinket-Gummy ghost.png
Gummy ghost
Trinket-Red LicoARRRice.png
Red LicoARRRice
Trinket-Sour starfish.png
Sour starfish
Trinket-Tentacle pop.png
Tentacle pop
Haunted Seas Haunted Seas Punkin' pail Atlantis Kraken

Monster dolls

The dolls added in 2014 were the lantern king, mummy, and witch dolls. In 2015, the cat lass, sea creature, and space oddity dolls were added.

Trinket-Cat lass doll.png
Cat lass doll
Trinket-Lantern King doll.png
Lantern King doll
Trinket-Mummy doll.png
Mummy doll
Trinket-Sea creature doll.png
Sea creature doll
Trinket-Space oddity doll.png
Space oddity doll
Trinket-Witch doll.png
Witch doll

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