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Puzzle Codename: RedBand

Username: Darkviper
Additional contact info: Darkviper (Project Leader/Main Artist), Salmon (Background Artist), Endolf (Programmer)
Project forum thread: Redband


Quick Start How to Play

Blocks drop from the top centre of the screen, and you must move these to connect four or more of the same blocks. This creates a stitch. Clear the screen to advance to the next level, each full game consists of three boards. Use your arrow keys to move the block as it drops, and hit space to make the block drop quickly.

Game Gardens - Alpha Release

Gameplay.pngPlay the most recent release of the game here!


Version Number: V1.2.0 See Revisions for changes

Game concept

This game is a twist on the sword fighting puzzle, but is more directly linked to Tetris™, in the style in which the game is played.


The main objective of the game is to clear the screen(s) as fast as possible, including as many combos as you can. Thus providing labour for the given Stall/Shoppe.


The display is a square, at a 45 degree angle. The pieces are also on a 45 degree angle.
The grid is split into 30x30px boxes; of 9x9 blocks (See Figure.01)



The backdrop is being created by Salmon, and has not yet been completed

The game has a NO time limit.


Scoring will be, as expected, retrospectively increasing with the number of blocks included in the ‘Stitch’.
We are not sure on the scoring system used by Three Rings, so this is an example:

Blocks   Points
4   1
5   2
6   3
9   12

Combos will be used as a multiplier to these scores, all relevant to the number of blocks involved, and the number of continuous breaks.

(p^ = To the Power of)

- Double of two ‘Stitches’ of 4 blocks = (1)p^2
- Triple of one ‘Stitch’ of 4, one ‘Stitch’ of 6 and one ‘Stitch’ of 7 = (1 + 6 + 4)p^3


Performing combos, will give you bonus points, which will inevitably help you get closer to the ever elusive INCREDIBLES!.
When Performing a large enough combo you will get an extra special piece, this has not been decided as of yet.


Basic triple combo setup

Screen Clearing

Every time you clear a screen you will get bonus points. How fast you clear the screen will dictate how many points you receive.

Screen 1:
cleared in <30 secs = 100pts
cleared in <60 secs = 50pts
cleared in <120 secs = 25pts
cleared in >120 secs = 10pts

Screen 2:
cleared in <30 secs = 200pts
cleared in <60 secs = 100pts
cleared in <120 secs = 50pts
cleared in >120 secs = 20pts

Screen 3:
cleared in <30 secs = 300pts
cleared in <60 secs = 150pts
cleared in <120 secs = 75pts
cleared in >120 secs = 30pts

Depending on which screen you progress to depends on the Skill level you provide.

  • BASIC: <=1 board compelete
  • Skilled: 2 boards complete
  • Expert: 3 boards complete

Special Block Bonuses

Each of the Special Blocks, when used/destroyed award you will BONUS!! points (See The Blocks)
The Points are awarded as follows:

  • The Needle: +50pts (+10pts for every block destroyed by using this block)
  • The ANY Block: +10pts (When involved in a 'Stitch')
  • The BLANK Block: +20pts (When involved in a 'Stitch')
  • The ORB: +150pts (+20pts for every block destroyed by using this block)


The Blocks

As in Sword Fighting (SF), the blocks fall from above; the aim is to connect four or more of the same blocks.
When four or more blocks are connected they disappear, this is known as a ‘Stitch’. The blocks fall from the top centre of the screen, and are controllable with the arrow keys, the space bar makes the pieces fall faster, as in SF.
The board reacts as is controlled by gravity, therefore the blocks slide down the inclines until hitting the bottom of the ‘box’ or hitting the flat face of another block (See figure.03)


There are eight standard/normal blocks ( See Figure.04), these are the blocks you are
trying to connect. There will also be four special blocks (See below)


Standard/Normal blocks
(The old style can be found [|HERE])
(Please note these are sample image)

The special blocks are used in the following ways:

  • GCPP-redband-needle.png - The Needle

When dropped this block falls through puzzle, destroying any block it touches.
The Needle Block is destroyed when it touches the rim of the screen

  • GCPP-redband-any.png - The ANY Block

When dropped will change into the same type of block
that it touches on its right side.

  • GCPP-redband-blank.png - The Blank Block

These will fall from the top of the screen at random intervals,
which become fall more frequently as you progress.
They can only be destroyed by completing a ‘stitch’
and having them touching a block that is involved in the ‘stitch’

  • GCPP-redband-orb.png - The ORB

When destroyed in a 'Stitch' ALL the blocks of the same type as those included in the 'Stitch',
that are on the board, will be destroyed. Like the Jellyfish in bilging.

Each Special block carries a bonus. (See Block Bonuses)

Creating a Stitch

Like in SF, the blocks will merge when gathered in a block of four or more, but instead of becoming a large block as in SF, they will still look singular and they will have stitching between them. (This is an idea has not been finalised)

The block DO NOT have to be joined, in large blocks. They can be connected in lines (See Figure.05), as long as they are touching faces, in a row of 4 or more, this is consider a ‘Stitch’. When a ‘Stitch’ is completed the blocks will disappear.


‘Stitch’ Lines

End criteria

You do not have a set time in which to CLEAR the screen, if you fill your screen or complete all three screens, the puzzle ends and you receive you final status, i.e. Excellent.
A single session will contain a maximum of three screens (See Difficulty Scaling).

Difficulty scaling

As you progress, by clearing the screens, The Blank Blocks dropping from the top will become more frequent, creating larger hindrances.
Each Session will use one hour of labour. Each session will consist of three screens, thus completing a full sessions provides 1 hour of labour.
The First Screen will have only a handful of blocks all ready (randomly placed), with each new screen the number of these blocks will increase, Making the it harder to clear.

Crafting type




The tutorials for this crafting puzzle start off with four different pieces to use (Similar to Bilging) the number of pieces available to the player increases until all the pieces have been introduced.
Until the player is playing with six blocks, NO Blank Blocks (See The Blocks) will fall from the top.
Once the player reaches seven blocks they will be told about the special pieces (See The Blocks) and they will start to have them in the puzzles.
The first screen they encounter has NO blocks already placed, and they will increase, as in the normal game, when the screens are cleared.

The tutorials will last until the player has cleared the final screen, in the tutorial this will be the clearing of the screen in which the player is finally using ALL eight Standard/Normal Pieces.

The Team

Team Leader: Darkviper
Artist 1: Darkviper
Artist 2: Salmon
Java Programmer: Endolf

The team members are all available on Cobalt & Midnight; Darkviper is available on ALL oceans.


Version: 1.2.0

  • ADDED NEW Graphics for blocks
  • ADDED NEW Special Block ORB
  • ADDED Scoring system for bonus points, when using Special Blocks

Version: 1.1.0

  • Timer Removed
  • Extra time gained for combos Removed
  • ONLY 3 screens instead of 5 (In main game, tutorial still the same)
  • Bonus Scores when screens are cleared Added
  • 1 Session = 1hr Labour
  • Ranking of Labour Used:
    • BASIC: <=1 board compelete
    • Skilled: 2 boards complete
    • Expert: 3 boards complete


(included in text)
PLEASE note some images are in developement

Sample Images

In this section proposed images and animations for the project will be shown

Exploding Blocks

This is a sample of what the blocks will do when the disappear:
It does seem to be running very fast, but this will help give the illusion of the blocks dissipating when involved in a 'Stitch'. Obviously there will be more than just one block exploding.

Game Sim

Here is a sample of the game in progress:

Screen Shots of tetsing

Here are some screen shots of the game in devleopment:
This shows a full screen, it has been created using the game code, in a test to ensure the placement of the blocks fit.
The game no incorporates the NEW blocks

Finished Sample Background

Final Display
Yes, Salmon finally did some work for the project, when he was told he would be struck off the team.

Known problems


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