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Flamer is a senior officer of In War we Trust and a Prince of YPP - Your Purdy Pimps


Flamer washed up on the shores of Chachapoya Island in early May 2006. He spent some time wandering between crews and eventually ended up on a sloop commanded by Soulsearcher, the captain of Guerreros De Infierno. He joined the crew eager and was soon promoted through the ranks, ending up as a senior officer. The crew lasted for a while, and he had a grand time, but eventually the crew broke up. For a while he was crew-hopping, notably being within Skull Bashers as an officer for a week, and Armada's Fleet as a fleet officer. But when Armada's Fleet went mainly dormant, he felt it was time to leave.

Flamer created the crew Try Before you Buy with Soulsearcher, meant as a small crew with his and Soulsearcher's friends. It never grew large, but it ended up in Gunnermooch's new flag Carnage, where Flamer was a prince. When Carnage disbanded, Try Before you Buy was at Aspiring fame, and could not move to another flag, and so Flamer decided to merge into Gunnermooch's crew, Transition.

Flamer was a senior officer in Transition and gradually made many friends within the crew, and prospered there. Gunnermooch made a war flag, "Wut iz a flag joO fule", where Flamer was a lord, then joined Havoc, the crew now going as Hysteria. Flamer has never liked large flags like Havoc because of all the /fofficer spam. Many of the senior members felt the same way, and the crew decided to leave Havoc. Eventually a new flag, YPP-Your Purdy Pimps was made, and Flamer was a prince there. Everyone in the crew had fun, but eventually it was decided that Hysteria's leadership needed a new crew. The crew "In War we Trust" was made, and it flaghopped for a short time before rejoining YPP, which was being held by an alt crew.

Blockades navigated

Cobalt Hunter Sage

Contributions and achievements

  • Former senior officer of Guerreros De Infierno
  • Former lord of Wicked Peace
  • Former lord of Vicious
  • Former officer of Skull Bashers
  • Former senior officer of Armada's Fleet
  • Former captain of Try Before you Buy
  • Former prince of Carnage
  • Former senior officer of Transition/Hysteria
  • Former lord of Wut iz a flag joO fule
  • Prince of YPP- Your Purdy Pimps
  • Senior officer of In War we Trust
  • Winner of a Fruitcake! Swordfighting tournament
  • Winner of a Fruitcake! Drinking tournament
  • Winner of a Bread and Circuses Drinking tournament
  • Has amassed a personal fleet of over 10 ships