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Fireball is captain of the crew Viridian Gamblers on the Meridian Ocean and a king of the flag Hustlers.


Fireball- Originally known as Gunmann on the Viridian Ocean since the start and now playing on the Meridian Ocean. He was hacked and restarted under Fireball. It's been about 7 years now and he is still here. He lost many amazing friends which he wishes he could have back and discovered other players he wishes he could have met such as Astrolabe and his amazing trophy collection story. He has never been much for stats but loves his poker and treasure drop. He achieved #1 poker player multiple times, ultimate treasure drop before, and even won 2nd place in a familiar tourney against Luxycute on November 3, 2011.

He always looked up to Tristan and Cyndiepet in the old days as most old players would know that they were the most popular couple on the game. Anyone still remember those familiar auctions in the good days? Now everyone has a familiar, no one works for it, and new pirates just jump right into poker. Those who did experience the first few years of Puzzle Pirates though were very lucky. He would not trade those years for anything, such as remembering only a few islands and shops that were still being built. Waiting for a new island to pop up was such a joy so that a blockade would be there and everyone could make some great poe. Now its pretty much out of control with the merge and a unlimited number of islands to choose from.

Greeters- Every pirate is now able to become a greeter without any marks on the account. Who remembers Amethyst watching over Dragons Nest? Everyone looked up to her as well. Pinkheart was a honorable thing and now no one really appreciates and understands what a true greeter is.

Players that he would love to be reunited with-( Amerocker, Bigdudeddeed, Blueagle, Dannyboyo, Driftman, Grittlebone, Kendal, Malorie, Oceania, Oharra, Ormi, Ovodepata, Ownmasta, Peppermiint, Sexykitty-East, Snipejob, Spicybaby, Stereoheart, Sweetkaya, Sweetkitty, Theonlyuno, Tweaks, and Xlilly)

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