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The All Terrain Treasure Hunt
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The biggest treasure hunt Viridian has ever seen: through brave seas and deserted islands, the hunters must find clues to the whereabouts of the treasure.

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Anybody, as long as they are on a sloop (each sloop can only bear 6 people: no more no less). Elapsed time Until somebody finds the treasure.
Unit of Entry At first they must be groups of 6 people per sloop, but when they reach the island they are going to be all individual. They must have joined previously in the forums and paid an 100 poe inscription (so as to raise money for the prizes). Participant Time A few hours will be enough I think.
Expected Participation No limit. Judging Time Instantaneous (the first one to find the treasure).
Platform It will take place in the seas and uninhabitable islands of Viridian Ocean.


Event Description

First, the sloops with the 6 people are given a map to an uninhabitable island. During the journey, they must encounter 3 sloops that will give them clues as to where is the treasure hidden. When they reach the island, they must follow the clues they have been given. They will find a pirate that will give the first person that finds him 1.000 poe. He will give the hunters directions to find a second pirate. The second pirate will give the first person that finds him 2.000 poe. He will give the hunters directions to a third pirate. The third pirate will give the first person that finds him 3.000 poe. He will give the hunters directions towards the treasure (another pirate must have it). The treasure will be a treasure chest (the piece of furniture) and 5.000 poe. NOTE: To get the clues from the sloops, they must engage in battles and grapple. No cannon balls allowed. If the hunters lose, no clue will be given. It doesn't matter the order they find the sloops, because the clues will be numbered. As long as they follow them in the correct order in the island, everything will be fine. The hunter that sees the pirate first must engage in a trade with him. That way, the pirate knows who saw him first and can give him the prize.


The hunter that engages in a trade with the 4th pirate wins.


A treasure chest and 5.000 poe for the hunter that gets to the treasure first. 3.000 poe for the hunter that gets to the third pirate first. 2.000 poe for the hunter that gets to the second pirate first. 1.000 poe for the hunter that gets to the first pirate first. 1.000 poe in each of the sloop's hold.

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

I will need 22 people, without counting myself; 6 in each of the 3 sloops (18 people), and 4 pirates in the island.

OM Assistance

I will need brigands turned off in the route that will be used and broadcasts to pass information to the hunters ( like the name of the sloops they havt to find). Also, I will need a special thread in the forums for inscription.

Workshop Coaching

I need to find a way to prevent people from whisking directly to the island. There won't be other problems if everything is set out carefully and in an ordered way.


Previous Similar Events

Haven't seen any.


I haven't ran an event before. I'm positive that my crew will help me out, if I can get enough people online.