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a large race from dragons nest to cabo de hornos

Player Profile Timeline
Audience People that like to mess around and have a fun time Elapsed time 30-45 min
Unit of Entry Race Participant Time 30-45
Expected Participation large amounts Judging Time 5 min to see the people who got 1 2 3
Platform ?


Event Description

This is going to be run by sloops maned by as many as you can fit on the ship you will race from DN to cabo de hornos and from there you will exit the ship and then race to the far left of the island and then have an OM check there to make sure that you arnt cheating from there race to the oppisite side of the island first to the other side wins!


by OM's


First place 10k and a ribbon second place 10k third place is 5k

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance


OM Assistance


Workshop Coaching



Previous Similar Events



must be a officer or higher in a crew