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Obstruction of Justice [Cobalt]
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Blockade Board Event that is whittled down by teams winning rounds

Player Profile Timeline
Audience All of Cobalt Ocean and people from other oceans Elapsed time 3 weekends, 30 min sloop race, 6 rounds of blockades
Unit of Entry Naver and their ship staff Participant Time 3 weekends, 30 min sloop race, 6 rounds of blockades
Expected Participation 640+, 64 navers Judging Time judges must be present at the events... winners declared instantly
Platform Primarily Blockade Board


Event Description

Come forth ye blockade navers or want to be blockade navers, now is the time to prove ye worth. No No, this is not the chaos of the Nevermore competition but it is however just as evil. Many considered the Nevermore a compeition a travesty of Justice, and now the truth is it was and I have captured yer precious Justice in the form of a Black/White Parrot. Come reclaim yer Justice before I blind it!

Phase I: Racing Hades Heart (Weekend 1)

This is a sloop race from Lima to Sakejima. (the two evilest islands on the ocean) The participants must supply their own sloop at Lima and it can be stocked and manned anyway they chose. Naver’s must enter their name and sloop name in the forums NLT 2 hours prior to the race. The first 64 Navers to make it to Sakejima move on to phase II.

Phase II: Concentration of Evil Blockade (Weekend 2)

The Navers that have progressed to this phase will be randomly divided into two equal teams to participate in a blockade. Each team will belong to a crew of a Ringer flag that is attacking a distant uninhabited island. For each blockade round, each Naver will be provided a stocked cutter to utilize with any manning they see fit. (only the stock provided thou) Navers must join the crew they have been assigned. The team that gains the most points in a round (wins the round of the blockade) will proceed to the next round. (people on the other team are eliminated from the competition) In this phase if your cutter is sunk you are done for that round and will not be supplied a new cutter for that round. So for this phase:

Round 1: 2 teams of 32, the 32 Navers of the winning side continue on and will be divided into two teams of 16.
Round 2: Not utilized and gives organizes and participants time to prepare.
Round 3 : 2 teams of 16, the winning side is divided into two teams of 8
Hour Break: Again time to get organized
Round 4: 2 teams of 8, winning side is divided into two teams 4 and proceed to Phase III

Phase III: Justice Served Blockade (Weekend 3)

This phase will again utilize an uninhabited island and will be done the same as Phase II except that Navers that are sunk will be supplied a freshly stocked cutter to re-enter the board.

Round 1: 2 teams of 4, winning side is divided into teams of 2
Round 3: 2 teams of 2, winning side divided into armies of 1
Round 4: 1 v 1 but this time in BRIGS. Navers can use the round break time to staff their brigs. If a brig is sunk the Naver is given a freshly stocked brig to re-enter. The Naver of the Brig that wins the final round wins the contest.

Special Rules:

1. Manning of the ships in the blockade phase is up to the naver.
2. The person listed as the naver must be naving the ship. OMs will conduct random inspections and failure to comply with the rule is instant disqualification.
3. If a team has a no show of a naver the oppossing side will sit a naver out. The naver sitting out may enter the board after one of their teammates is sunk.
4. No other ships are authorized to enter the board. People entering the board unauthorized will be D/Cd, their ship sunk and their name(s) forward to the Ringers.
5. The will be a seperate special crew to job into for those that want to watch.


1. The sloop race is a narrowing compeition in an attempt to ensure a certain level of competance for people entering the blockade. It also controls the numbers on the blockade board but does not instantly prevent anyone from entering the competition
2. The event is purposely spread out to give teams a chance to get organized. The teams will be random so flagmates will not really be a factor.
3. An uninhabited island far away from civilization was chosen to limit uncontrolled observers and to limit the chance of participants trying to sail in their own ships after they are eliminated.
4. The intent of the contest is to give a large number of people some experience on a blockade board.
5. Cutters were chosen because of manning considerations and influence. 64 cutters with 10 people is 640 people which is feasible given the magnitude of the event. If OMs think manning in Phase II is going to be to hard we may consider dropping to sloops just for Round 1 of Phase II.
6. This event does push the limits, but from the experience gained via the Nevermore competition I believe this is quite doable. It will, however, be key to have a highly skilled OM present at the blockades to queue up ships and deal with rule violators.


Sloop Race: First 64 people to Sakejima proceed to Phase II. Must send a tell to judge while standing on your ship in port at Sakejima. Judge will utilize /vwho to verify. Blockades: Team that scores the most points in the round wins (not much to do but watch the points). Over all winner is the sole naver that wins the final round in the 1 v 1 brig dual.


First Place: Familiar named Justice (Black/White Parrot), Second, Third and Fourth: Custom Named Brig and a Special Trinket

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

People to help watch the sloop race and the blockade boards. A couple special assistants to handle jobbing and deporting for the special watching ships.

OM Assistance

1 OM that has handled blockade management before. All ships and supplies for blockades to be supplied by the OM.

Workshop Coaching

Need help on managing the blockade chaos


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/me points to the numerous events run on Sakejima, the Nevermore Familiar event and the Lima Blockade event. I am evil, fear me!