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Event Blockade
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A chance for all flag to see what they are made of!

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Everyone that is part of a flag Elapsed time 2 weeks
Unit of Entry Flags Participant Time 4 hours
Expected Participation 4-8 flags Judging Time 1 to 30 minutes
Platform Viridian Ocean


Event Description

First, thanks to Scupperer, who made a post long time ago in the Game Design and made me have this idea. In this event, each flag would enter with the same numbers of ship and bnavers. It will be up to who bnav the best and who can gather the more jobbing power with them. It's up to each flag to decide for themselves how much they want to invest to win this competition, but we suggest to not pay the jobbers. The goal is simple, having the more points at the end of 3 rounds.

Rules :

1. There will be a registration period of 2 weeks before the blockade to join. On registration, the flag must provide the name of their 5 battle navigators (bnavers) and the name of the 40 ships they will use (20 war frigates and 20 war brigs). Back-up name can be provid for the bnavers (since RL issues can always happens), but the name must be confirmed 30 minutes before the blockade begins. An entry fee of 25 000 poe will be ask to cover the War chest fee. If there is money left.. it will be reinvested in the prices.

2. Each flag entering the competition must drop all their alliance before entering the blockade. We suggest flag to drop at the moment the chest will be deposed.. to be sure they are ready when the blockade begins. This procedure will be necessary to avoid any confusion on the blockade board regardeing to who the ships belongs. And since all the poins made by the flag will automatically go to the defender side, the owner of the island doesn't risk to loose it.

3. A few judges on the board will check constantly if the ship on the board are registered and if they are piloted by a registered bnaver and if the flag are respecting the rule about alliance.


After each round, points would be allowed for the position of each flag based on their points (ex. 1st = 10 points, 2nd = 6 points, 3rd = 3 points). The points structure would be based on the number of flag participants. After round 3, the flag that has most point win. In case of tie, the total numbers of points made in each rounds would be summ and be used to separate the tie. This structure has been choosen has oppose to the raw total of point cause in the reality of blockade what counts is how many rounds you win.. not how many points you did during the round.A few people has suggest to add bonus for ship sinking, or the number of ship remaining at the end, but since it may be hard to check (if 2 ships are gunning one and it "sinks" by example; or to distinguished ship that have leave the board by itself or being "sink") there is still a litte bit of work-out to do about that. The idea is interesting though. Other kind of bonus can also be consider during the work-out phase.


Still to decide. Some nice trinkets like the CoC Event Blockade would be nice. Some ships and outfit can be given too. But the best price of all would be to know that with equal power... you can win against the better flags.

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

5 to 10 persons to check the ships and flags during the blockade and records position after each round.

OM Assistance

Trinket prizes would sure be great. Those little rubbans seem pretty appropriate. Or maybe an unique trinket that could be give widely to all flag members (a bit like the halloween mass trinket). But even better... if the devs would accept to open an island for this.. and give it away as prize, that would just be fantastic (yeah I'm dreaming awake i know).

Workshop Coaching

Everyone would be welcome to add their 2 cents in case i didn't think of something.


Previous Similar Events

CoC Event Blockade is the nearest one.. but the form is pretty different. It's based on flag participation more than individuals one.


I was blockade coordinator for a few blockades in Viridian. I run a few successful events like auctions and weddings. And i'm Queen of a flag that will soon hold an island (Conglin) that can be use to host the event, if the Dev refuse to open one for this (lol).