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Pirate Decathalon
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This is a Decathalon, pirate addition. Ypp has a history of a Greek background in addition to the pirate theme so a Decathalon is well suited to being an event for YPP. This Decathalon is to test the abilities of any pirate, both mental and physical, and allow for any skill sets to be able to compete with equal footing to find who is the top pirate around.

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Any pirate who wishes to Elapsed time 2 full days, as a Decathalon always is.
Unit of Entry Individual Pirates Participant Time 2 full days, 5 hours total for each day
Expected Participation 3 initial qualifiers that will lead to 10-50 pirates in total Judging Time at the end of each hour, end of each event.
Platform Can be adapted to any ocean, at any time, at anywhere. For the purpose of this event, I will choose Cobalt.


Event Description

A decathalon consists of 10 events. The ten events is as follows: 2 sloop races of 2 different lengths, Carp bake off, Bilge bake off, Sailing bake off, Gunning bake off, two knowledge quizs, something I call the Gauntlet, and the Show Case Showdown. I will now proceed the events as in full details.

Sloop Races
It will be a very standard sloop race. The first length will be about 10-15 leagues and the second length will be 20-25 leagues. I would perfer both races to be in uncolonized areas to avoid pvps and if that can't be avoided, in less pillaged archpelegos. Races will start when I say go and the competitors must port at the island and then tag me either at the place or to the right or left of the docks of the island. This will be a solo sloop race. I will need Volunteers to keep track of ships, in case of pvp attacks and if others jump on competitor ships. Scoring goes as following: 1 point for finishing under 45 minutes, 2 points for finishing under 30 minutes, not cumulative with the 45 minute point. 3 poings for 1-3rd place, 2 points for 4-6th place and 1 point for 7-10th place. First race will be from Crimson to Echo in the Garnet arch. The second race will be from Fintan to Yax Mutal.
Piratey Quiz.
The quiz will consist of 10 questions. Contestants get 2 minutes per question to answer each question that they are given. The format will be open ended questions in sections. The contestants will be divided into groups and will be given DIFFERENT questions from the other groups, previous groups if there is a low volunteer turn out. Scoring is 1 point for each question they get right. Quiz will have questions from any area, techincal, historical, and not limited to Cobalt but can range across oceans.
The Gauntlet.
The Gauntlet is a series of 5 challenges. Each contestant must go through the series of challenges, with each volunteer having their speciality and the last person challenging the other person to what puzzle he or she feels like. Format for each challenge: SF is bring your own. Drinking is bring your own mug, with point structure to 1500 point games, Treasure Drop is Turbo, with a standard point structure. Scoring will go as follows, each contestant will get 1 point for each challenge they win. I need 4-5 volunteers to be the challengers.
Duty bake offs.
These bake offs will be standard in structure. It will only be that duty for each hour. it will be called into heats if there are many contestants. They will get one league to get up to speed and they will go for 5 leagues. Scoring goes like this: 3 points for each incred, 2 points for each excellent, 1 point for each good and 1 bonus point for the top duty at each league point. I would need volunteers to either run a group or to make sure that people are on the right group for their heat. Gunning will be different in terms of scoring and how the duty bake will be run. Each contestant will be required to load all the guns on a war brig. They will be timed on how fast they complete the round. There will be 4 war brigs on each round to speed things up, and i will need to borrow about 20 war brigs so that they would reset and clear by the magic farries so that they can be filled again. I will need volunteers to do the nav to see when it is actually full and to stop the timer on for each contestant. http://www.shodor.org/interactivate/activities/stopwatch/ will be the site used to be a stopwatch as it is free and easy to use.
Showcase Showdown.
This event will test your knowledge of the items in the game. The prices will be taken on a random day, at any stall all over the ocean. The prices will be the lowest price of the item in a compare shop. The format of this event goes as follows, People will be separated in groups of four. In each round, there will be 8 items that will need to be priced. The person who is handling that section will say the item and a small description about the item. The person closest to the actual price without going over will get a point. Bidding will rotate, with one person starting for 1 item and the person to the left in the line will start the bid for the next item. You will have 30 seconds to answer to avoid people going to check prices. In the event of a tie at the end, the people who are tied will get one additional item to price. The winners will move on until it?s the final 2 and it?s the showcase showdown. A group of items will need to be priced in the showcase showdown. Each person will get a group of items and they must get the closest to their set of items without going over. If one goes over, he or she loses. If both go over, it will be determined by the closest to the actual cost. If there is evidence of cheating, there will be dealt with appropriately. I will need volunteers to run groups to make sure that the event is able to finish on time. In addition, prices will be taken from only the Cobalt Ocean.
The format of the event. All events will be scheduled for 1 hour for each event. First day events: Sloop race 1, Carp bake off, gunning bake off, The Gauntlet, and Knowledge Quiz 1. Second day events: Knowledge Quiz 2, Sailing bake off, Showcase Showdown, Bilge bake off, and Sloop race 2.


Judging will be with each event, will be various number of people


1st is a familiar of choice, 2nd is a war brig renamed, 3rd is a cutter renamed, 4th is a sloop renamed, 5th is a sword of choice, 6th is a mug of choice, 7th is Fancy ribbon of choice, 8th is a ribbon of choice, 9th is a signet ring, 10th is a mirror. I would like to have all paricipants to get a long stemmed rose trinket as a thanks for participating.

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

Need lots of it, according to each event. Please see the event details

OM Assistance

I will need broadcasts to tell contestants where to go, to broadcast that there will be no pvps, to make the areas non-briggys, and whisking ability to get ships where they need to go. I would also need help with prizes as well.

Workshop Coaching

Not really need


Previous Similar Events

I’ve run sloop races and done other events.


I have ran the Merchant Race on Cobalt, and several other events of this magnitude.

Problems under consideration
Why no crafting puzzles?
There's no way to monitor the puzzles. Maybe in the future.
Why no duty nav?
It would take all day to monitor with the duty nav for as many particpants if I get that many.
Why no B-nav?
It would also take all day to monitor as well and it would be hard to find a good even competition to rate b-nav.
The only complecations that I have is that the week of events is during my spring break. I would need to take the last weekend to be able to do this.