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E2-logo.png This is an entry for E2: The Event Event.

Unamed Capture The Flag Type Event
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Team based strategy game of Team Elimination ,PvP action, captrue the flag and even a little hide and go seek with sloops.

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Strategically minded PvPers Elapsed time 4-5 hours
Unit of Entry Team Entry Participant Time Up to 4-5 hours, or until eliminated
Expected Participation Teams will have enough to man up to 5 sloops. Judging Time Winner declared when rest are eliminated.
Platform Cobalt Ocean


Event Description

Teams of 5 sloops will be given a home base and a flag to protect. Teams will work together to capture flags and return them to thier own base to eliminate teams, while protecting themselves from being eliminated. The game will include the opprotunity for PvP to reclaim your flag as well as other captured flags on the ships. It will also require strategy to find routes to your base and other bases as well as how to handle the aquisition of other flags. As flags are eliminated, the competition will become even more fierce as the necessity for precise timing and even a little bit of luck will allow for one team to be declared the winner.


As of now, the only judging needed is who is last. Even if one team eliminates all but one, they ultimately will not win if they do not protect there own flag and the oposing team eliminates them. If time becomes an issue, a scroing method may need to be devised to keep play from lasting too long.


With a potential for 35 mates per team, the prizes will need to be something quite special. Clothing, POE, Trinkets and perhaps a familiar may be needed. It may also be possible to make the event with an entry fee, and the winner recieving all the entry fees.

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

Some assitance will be needed to help with any issues that may arise, but less than 5 should be enough. Mostly, the assistance will be transporting to various home bases to see who is eliminated when a claim is made.

OM Assistance

OMs would be needed to help with announcements and brigand control. It would not be very good for a team to lose the flags to brigands. Turning them off to eliminate the potential would be needed. I would also ask that a familiar be provided for this event, as the time and dedication required deems a familiar warranted as a prize. Also whisking would be a helpful role to speed along the judging portion, however not a requirement.

Workshop Coaching

Im mostly concerned about a couple items. The time involved has the potential to be very lengthy. I would assume that it could be covered within the time of a blockade, but a cat and mouse game could arise and cause for a delay. If this were to arise, a point system ro some other method of declaring a winner may be needed. The second item is how to control the eliminations. If a team is eliminated and has flags on board their ships, i havent thought of how to deal with those flags. Perhaps some mentoring will show me what I can do that I havent learned about, or provide a simple solution to the issues


Previous Similar Events

Im sure there have been capture the flag events, i however am not aware of the scale, scope or method. An ocean wide event would call into play many fun aspects of the game that can create a competitve and strategical game of cat and mouse.


I am a professional business person with leading team efforts. While i have yet to run an event in game, I feel like I have the qualifications to add a new event planner to the team of wonderfully experience event planners already out there. I have been given a nod from my captain to the idea, i am however not sure how far the assitance would go. This isnt meant to be a publicity event for a certain flag, but a game with in the realm of YPP! that would offer a fun and exciting twist to Capture the Flag!