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Take It or Leave It
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A risk-taking game, open to a wide range of pirates, that does not require a terrible amount of puzzling skill

Player Profile Timeline
Audience All plundering pirates of the Viridian who are willing to take a few risks Elapsed time Frequently over the course of the allotted time
Unit of Entry Individual Participant Time approx 50-80 minutes
Expected Participation As many as it takes to hand out all prizes(hoping for at least 30 Judging Time instantly
Platform Viridian


Event Description

To begin the competition I will host a party in me bungalow(or other location). All pirates are welcome to participate. Upon arriving I will take random puzzle challenges(or in any order I feel is fair). A pirate can challenge me to a swordfight, drinking game, or treasure drop. I will be using a foil or some other low-end sword, no mug, and treasure drop must be turbo/hole unless ye have lag then I won’t mind no turbo. Upon beating me a contestant will begin the “game show” part of the competition. This part of the competition is based on the television show Deal or No Deal. The object of the game is to pick the highest value case and walk away with either a large amount of poe or a nice prize. The contestant will pick a piece of furniture or "cases"(8 in total) with a predetermined monetary amount (not related to the furnitures in game value) which they hope to be the highest of the 8. During the first turn a player will eliminate 3 cases (revealing the value of each after each is picked) which they hope will be the smallest in value. At the conclusion of that turn the "banker" (me) will offer them an amount of poe to forfeit their case. This amount will usually be high if the higher values are still available. This is a probability factor, the higher probability of their case being the highest value the more I will offer them to forfeit it because I am trying to get them to win less money. IF they choose to go on they will continue to eliminate cases(over the course of a few turns) until they either take another amount offered or open their case. Upon the conclusion of this part of the game the contestant will have ANOTHER opportunity to walk away with something better than they received. If they wish, they may choose between two doors, one with a prize worth more than what they received and one with nothing or a prize worse than what they had. I will place a bedroll in the winning room and the other room will be missing a bedroll. That ends the participants time. I will repeat this until all prizes are given away and anybody who receives less than 100 poe from the event (lower end of prizes) will be put into a raffle for a larger prize. See the talk page for a Mock Game. Also anyone wishing to see how the event works sign up on the talk page and I will find a time to "test" the event. No prizes will be involved but ye can get a better understanding of how it works(on the Viridian Ocean)


I will receive help I may need from trusted crewmates


I will pitch in a few prizes but am unable to provide enough to make this a well run event. I will ask me hearties to donate prizes/poe and wish that the OMs donate a monetary amount and/or some trinkets to make this event even more of a blast! If I absolutely have to I may try an auction with part of the proceeds going to the person auctioned and the other part going towards the competition fund. Any buyers and people being auctioned could get a free game if I raise enough.

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

Few if any volunteers will be needed. I will probably have an assistant to confirm the values of the "cases" to show that I am being fair.

OM Assistance

Nothing except possible prizes

Workshop Coaching

Lack of prizes is a concern. Also understanding the rules may be a problem for contestants(am working on a nicer explanation that the one above)


Previous Similar Events

None that I know of except the TV show


I have no previous event coordination but enjoy learning the fine details of the game. I wish to not only use this as a way to give out poe and prizes but to see how risky us pirates wish to be. I am sure that my crew and hearties will give me all the support I need to make this a successful event.