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Gauntlet of Uxmal
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A series of perilous quests, cryptic puzzles and a mysterious history set to the backdrop of a dead island. Pirates take part in an epic story, and their actions will greatly effect where the tale leads.

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Mainly artistically oriented pirates, but well-rounded groups will do the best. Elapsed time Two weeks.
Unit of Entry Teams of four pirates that must be from the same crew for ease of communication. Participant Time Varies with each round. One chapter will be a 24-hour scavenger hunt, while other chapters may take place in a single hour.
Expected Participation Any amount of teams may enter at the start, but preliminary rounds will cull the group down to approximately single digits. Judging Time If all goes as planned, an obvious winning team will be seen as soon as the event ends. Other judging will take place in the time between chapters for the runner-up prizes.
Platform The event will have chapters in the Midnight ocean and forums, while the wiki and a few other peripheral sources will be used as sources of information to the players.


Event Description

The Gauntlet of Uxmal is meant to be an epic story in which pirates may become a part of the legend. Each day, a new chapter will be unveiled; each chapter will contain a series of trials, puzzles, riddles and storyline. The teams must find a way through these objectives with puzzle strength, wits, or creativity, depending upon which the situation needs. The event will contain a scavenger hunt, in-game puzzling, logical puzzles, riddles, role-playing, picture puzzles, and writing. (I would like to keep a few of these finished ideas secret for the actual event, but if any judges would like me to go into further detail, please e-mail me at emberage01001 at yahoo.com) At the end of a chapter, a synopsis will be posted in the forums of the story. The competition’s goal is for pirates to take part in an adventure island-like event in which they become a part of the legend and entertaining other pirates with a historical tale.

In each chapter, the groups and pirates will be given a ‘panache’ point value depending upon how well they succeeded, how epic their actions are, and how much they add to the story. The points will be used for awarding prizes, and obviously the longer a team is in the competition, the greater the chance of gathering more points. Certain events in the story will award panache points, and judges may give bonus points to pirates or teams that either help the story along, add to the enjoyment factor of it, or supprize them by using their ingenuity to get out of a tight place. This fosters support for a more creative event that truly belongs to the players.


Judging will mainly take place in the form of awarding ‘panache’ points. Pre-determined points will be awarded for successfully finishing an objective in the story, and the judges will award bonus points depending on how they feel the teams handled the situation. I would like to have three other judges working with the point values in order to distance myself from the judging process. These judges will also hold the power to remove troublesome pirates from the event if they cause trouble.


A menagerie of minor prizes including money, ships and trinkets from my own pocket. Should the OMs believe the event warrants it, possibly a familiar or other minor trinkets.

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

Three other close helpers for puzzling, playing characters in the story, and general support would be ideal. Potentially, a few extra hands for other supporting roles in certain chapters might be needed.

OM Assistance

This event would require an OM to sticky threads made for the event and remove off-topic posts (if people from outside the event start posting). Also, OM assistance would be greatly appreciated for magicing up prizes, but is unneeded.

Workshop Coaching

There are a few problems in the event, as I see it. The earlier rounds with a great number of people might be tough to coordinate for in-game tasks. Also, teams that can only be online at certain times would strain a schedule. If a puzzle was required to be done within an hour and an entire team would not be there, it gives others/them an unfair advantage. There is also the possibility that two weeks is too long too keep the excitement level high for the players. I am comparatively new to events, and would appreciate any thoughts or pointers the Mentors and OMs would have for me.


Previous Similar Events

TedV’s Scavanger Hunt is relatively close to one of the chapters I have planned for the event, as is LeJerque’s Race for the Ruined Ring. These are familiar only to sections of the event, however, and I do not foresee any trouble in having similar chapters.


I have judged in the Looterati competition ‘Where in yer world’, hosted my own picture event on the forum, taken part in several events and won one or two. I have an extended network of contacts that I believe would be very helpful to such an event. This would be my first big event, however, and I would appreciate any helpful tips and pointers any might give.