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Figure Sailing
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A blockade event where two sloops sail around each other in an attempt to woo the judges.

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Creative battle-navvers and those who like to goof around. Elapsed time One week
Unit of Entry Teams of 3 or more. Participant Time Two days
Expected Participation A possibility of up to 375 participants (at 15 per team), but realistically, there will probably be about 50 or 60 participants from 10-12 teams. Judging Time Five days
Platform On the Midnight ocean, at a blockade of Meke (or any other blockadable event isle)


Event Description

Each team of participants will have at least three people in it, two to drive the sloops on the blockade board, and one to record the proceedings. While on the blockade board, the two ships will have ten minutes to dance around each other in a choreagraphed way. They would need to be in constant communication to avoid any slip-ups. Points will be reduced by judges (who will also be watching the event to make sure that nothing has been mis-recorded) if the sloops collide, shoot each other accidentally, if they bump into rocks or if they stay too far appart from each other. Included in these ten minutes is the entry onto the blockade board and exit, with points reduced for taking too long doing one or the other. Once the group has finished their dance, the recorder may then add music to the recording, jazz it up any way they wish it (as long as they don't edit out any errors made) and then submit it to the judges. It is this final recording which shall be judged for artistic points, and which will determine the winner of the event.


There will be four different judges from different backgrounds, all of which will receive the final videos provided by each team. These videos will be judge on a 10 point scale. Points shall be given for creative shooting and sailing, and taken away for lack of coordination and any of the other errors mentionned above.


The top three teams will have the choice between a renamed war brig named the Dancing Sailfish, matching outfits or 100 000 PoE.

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

Four judges will be needed.

OM Assistance

Broadcast priviledges as well as assistance dealing with people who may attempt to interfere with the event.

Workshop Coaching

There's always a possibility of teams taking longer then they're allowed during their routine, which could complicate things for other teams. Is ten minutes enough time for them to do all that is required?


Previous Similar Events

None that I know of, although blockade events such as Ketchy Cubby and the like have had reasonable success. This would be the first event, to my knowledge, that would test people's ability to coordinate their battle navigation skills to the point where they are almost perfectly in synch.


I have run three successful Murder Mystries so far, all of which required coordinating a large number of volunteers. The flag would also be of great help since it would give me easy access to the Meke blockade practice island, which is ideal for such an event.