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Survival Stories
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Survival Stories will be a story writing contest in which contestants must write a story and vote off their fellow contestants to be the final Survival Stories Survivor. This is a daily event and you must participate every day to participate in the next. Whether in voting or in writing.

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Writers from all oceans. Elapsed time 2 weeks.
Unit of Entry Participant Time 2 weeks
Expected Participation Hoping for 30 at least. Judging Time Every other day eliminations until one contestant is voted the winner.
Platform Forums


Event Description

Every other day participants will be given subjects to incorporate into a piratey story of 500 words or less to further their "Survival" in the contest. On the following day, after they submit their entry they must then determine which of their fellow contestants will make it to the next day's contest. The first day of contest will start at 8am PST when I make the post giving out the story topic. All entries must be submitted by 12midnight PST that day (day 1). At that time I will make a post ending the days submissions. In that post I will give the number of fellow contestants that must be voted out and submitted by email to me by 12midnight PST the the day following submissions (day 3). After that every other day when I make the 8am PST post with the day's subject for the story I will give the name of the eliminated contestants and the number of votes for elimination each contestant recieved.


After submitting there entries all participants must send me an e-mail with nominations for who will be voted out of the contest by the voting deadline. Depending on the number of slots available for the next round will determine the number of eliminations made in the first round of voting. The next few rounds will take out 5 contestants, then 3 then 2 and finally the last 10 contestants will be voted off on a daily basis. Once down to the final 7 only the last 15 contestants will be eligible for voting, until they determine the final winner. Failure to submit a vote will lead to disqualification and the next person below you getting bumped to your spot.


To be able to include all oceans, I decided if selected to commission avatar artists to make avatars as prizes for the top 5 finishers. (Placing will determine the avatar you recieve, higher placing equaling a higher cost avatar) Also if deemed worthy trinkets for top 3 and/or a familiar for the final Survivor.

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

None need that I can come up with now.

OM Assistance

Sticky for the event.

Workshop Coaching

Any and all helpful suggestions are welcome.


Previous Similar Events

The only thing I could think of would be December daily doodles because it was a daily event with storytelling involved.


This is my first event, but you have to start somewhere.